A, No exposure group (n = 740) comprised survivors who were not treated with platinum-based chemotherapy or cochlear radiotherapy (RT). B, Platinum-only exposure group (n = 307) comprised survivors who were treated with cisplatin and/or carboplatin chemotherapy. C, Cochlear RT exposure group (n = 473) comprised survivors who were treated with cochlear RT with or without platinum-based chemotherapy. Analysis was adjusted for age at diagnosis, time since diagnosis, sex, and treatment variables (if any) within the group. These variables were cranial RT dose, methotrexate chemotherapy treatment (yes or no for intrathecal and high dose), and high-dose cytarabine chemotherapy treatment (yes or no).

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Have any of these skills made a marked impact on your career? Which ones do you develop consciously?


Calcium crystallizes in a face-centered cubic structure. The edge length of its unit cell is 558/8 pm.

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We are currently experiencing a high volume of phone calls. Please reach out to us via Chat or Email, and we will assist as soon as possible.

Responding to all inquiries at once is physically impossible—unless they’ve all asked common questions. In those instances, automation, email templates, and a searchable knowledge base can be godsends.


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Take the reins and let the customer know they are in good hands. Trust is a huge factor in earning high-service ratings.

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Rubidium iodide crystallizes with a cubic unit cell that contains iodide ions at the corners and a rubidium ion in the center. What is the formula of the compound?

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Ensure the order of steps in the support process makes sense. A great exercise is to write down the instructions for making a peanut butter and jelly sandwich. Then, have a co-worker follow them. It’s amazing how much we leave out.

Importance  Despite advancements in cancer therapy and supportive care, childhood cancer survivors remain at risk for chronic morbidities associated with disease and treatment, such as hearing impairment (HI) and neurocognitive deficits. This study, to our knowledge, is the first to objectively measure hearing and neurocognitive function in a large cohort of long-term survivors of childhood cancer stratified by treatment exposures.


The structures of crystalline metals and simple ionic compounds can be described in terms of packing of spheres. Metal atoms can pack in hexagonal closest-packed structures, cubic closest-packed structures, body-centered structures, and simple cubic structures. The anions in simple ionic structures commonly adopt one of these structures, and the cations occupy the spaces remaining between the anions. Small cations usually occupy tetrahedral holes in a closest-packed array of anions. Larger cations usually occupy octahedral holes. Still larger cations can occupy cubic holes in a simple cubic array of anions. The structure of a solid can be described by indicating the size and shape of a unit cell and the contents of the cell. The type of structure and dimensions of the unit cell can be determined by X-ray diffraction measurements.

Customer service skill 7 attentiveness

Aluminum oxide crystallizes with aluminum ions in two-thirds of the octahedral holes in a closest-packed array of oxide ions. What is the formula of aluminum oxide?


Figure 2. This graph shows a plot of concentration versus time for a 1/000 M solution of H2O2. The rate at any instant is equal to the opposite of the slope of a line tangential to this curve at that time. Tangents are shown at t = 0 h (“initial rate”) and at t = 10 h (“instantaneous rate” at that particular time).

Zinc sulfide is an important industrial source of zinc and is also used as a white pigment in paint. Zinc sulfide crystallizes with zinc ions occupying one-half of the tetrahedral holes in a closest-packed array of sulfide ions. What is the formula of zinc sulfide?


Once registered, expect to be hit periodically for upgrade offers. Most hobbyists will not need many, or be better off waiting two upgrade cycles, after the bugs in the earlier versions get ironed out.

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Poor reading skills have an association with pervasive, inferior overall academic achievement,54 hindering comprehension and the acquisition of higher-level reasoning ability. In a prospective study examining neurocognitive and academic outcomes in pediatric patients treated for medulloblastoma, Schreiber et al25 demonstrated that substantial HI was independently associated with a decline in intellectual and academic skills. Reading and linguistic difficulties in children with HI may expand to difficulties in other areas of academics, including mathematics.


A compound of cadmium, tin, and phosphorus is used in the fabrication of some semiconductors. It crystallizes with cadmium occupying one-fourth of the tetrahedral holes and tin occupying one-fourth of the tetrahedral holes in a closest packed array of phosphide ions. What is the formula of the compound?

Lattice Structures in Crystalline Solids

This is due to neuroplasticity: the pathways in our minds are strengthened by repetition. When we think or act in a new way over and over, we physiologically rebuild our neural network.


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As minerals were formed from the molten magma, different ions occupied the same cites in the crystals. Lithium often occurs along with magnesium in minerals despite the difference in the charge on their ions.

We’re often so focused on solving problems that we don’t take the time to unearth how the problem occurred in the first place. When you venture into unfamiliar territory, look for the root cause.


Considerable evidence has been published of children with congenital or prelingual HI or deafness consistently performing worse in language,44,45 reading,46-48 mathematics,49-51 and overall academic achievement52 compared with peers with normal hearing. However, studies evaluating these academic measures in children with acquired HI are limited.

This behavior indicates the reaction continually slows with time. Using the concentrations at the beginning and end of a time period over which the reaction rate is changing results in the calculation of an average rate for the reaction over this time interval. At any specific time, the rate at which a reaction is proceeding is known as its instantaneous rate. The instantaneous rate of a reaction at “time zero,” when the reaction commences, is its initial rate. Consider the analogy of a car slowing down as it approaches a stop sign. The vehicle’s initial rate—analogous to the beginning of a chemical reaction—would be the speedometer reading at the moment the driver begins pressing the brakes (t0). A few moments later, the instantaneous rate at a specific moment—call it t1—would be somewhat slower, as indicated by the speedometer reading at that point in time. As time passes, the instantaneous rate will continue to fall until it reaches zero, when the car (or reaction) stops. Unlike instantaneous speed, the car’s average speed is not indicated by the speedometer; but it can be calculated as the ratio of the distance traveled to the time required to bring the vehicle to a complete stop (Δt). Like the decelerating car, the average rate of a chemical reaction will fall somewhere between its initial and final rates.


Most monatomic ions behave as charged spheres, and their attraction for ions of opposite charge is the same in every direction. Consequently, stable structures for ionic compounds result (1) when ions of one charge are surrounded by as many ions as possible of the opposite charge and (2) when the cations and anions are in contact with each other. Structures are determined by two principal factors: the relative sizes of the ions and the ratio of the numbers of positive and negative ions in the compound.

The two test reactions shown above are inherently very slow, but their rates are increased by special enzymes embedded in the test strip pad. This is an example of catalysis, a topic discussed later in this chapter. A typical glucose test strip for use with urine requires approximately 30 seconds for completion of the color-forming reactions. Reading the result too soon might lead one to conclude that the glucose concentration of the urine sample is lower than it actually is (a false-negative result). Waiting too long to assess the color change can lead to a false positive due to the slower (not catalyzed) oxidation of iodide ion by other substances found in urine.


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Silver crystallizes in an FCC structure. The edge length of its unit cell is 409 pm.

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In a simple cubic lattice, the unit cell that repeats in all directions is a cube defined by the centers of eight atoms, as shown in Figure 4. Atoms at adjacent corners of this unit cell contact each other, so the edge length of this cell is equal to two atomic radii, or one atomic diameter. A cubic unit cell contains only the parts of these atoms that are within it. Since an atom at a corner of a simple cubic unit cell is contained by a total of eight unit cells, only one-eighth of that atom is within a specific unit cell. And since each simple cubic unit cell has one atom at each of its eight “corners,” there is [latex]8\;\times\;\frac{1}{8} = 1[/latex] atom within one simple cubic unit cell.

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And it’s not something I would have thought to look up on my own. But when I set up that filter in Logos Bible Software, the technology points it out for me. In a way, it’s like I have a Bible scholar pointing out cool things that I’d overlook—and not in an interruptive way, either.


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Use the tips above to develop you and your team’s core customer service skills. Look for the same capabilities in the customer support reps or customer experience specialists you hire.


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But Logos Bible Software’s Weights & Measures Converter makes a lot more sense out of this. I just open the tool, enter “1 omer,” and SHAZAM!

PEA 2020 Namibia Secondary Catalogue

You’ve seen the things I love about Logos’ latest version. But I’ll level with you: Logos has been awesome for a long, long time. I’m going to show you just what kind of Bible-study superpowers Logos Bible Software gives you!


Figure 6. In a body-centered cubic structure, atoms in a specific layer do not touch each other. Each atom touches four atoms in the layer above it and four atoms in the layer below it.

The association of HI with neurocognitive function in childhood cancer survivors who were not treated with cranial RT has not been reported. The goals of the current study were to describe the prevalence, severity, and risk of objectively assessed HI in a large cohort of childhood cancer survivors; to assess the association of HI with neurocognitive function; and to examine the HI factors that mediate neurocognitive outcomes among survivors treated with cranial RT.


Figure 2. When metal atoms are arranged with spheres in one layer directly above or below spheres in another layer, the lattice structure is called simple cubic. Note that the spheres are in contact.

Surprisingly often, he doesn’t know. Then he must look at what he has written and ask: Have I said it?


Erratic and angry drivers take up a large portion of the traffic we see daily, so avoid major accidents by noticing how other drivers behave on the road. Having the whole picture means that you are doing your part to keep your vehicle as safe as possible while moving 1000ft a second. There are a variety of hazards between your own vehicle and other drivers, and a keen awareness of these dangers will reduce these risks.

Rather than sidestep complex or thorny inquiries, dive in head first and systematically address every single concern raised by a customer. Even if your answer is, “I need to look into that further,” don’t ignore any part of their email, phone, or chat.


With this tool, you can come up with not just one, but FIVE tangible examples to share with them! Just type “300 cubits” into the Weights and Measures Converter and you’ll get.

With Bruce Wayne in the driver’s seat, the Dark Knight covers more ground and stops more bad guys. But if you put an average Gotham citizen behind the Batmobile’s wheel, he’s not going to solve any crime. In fact, he’ll have a hard enough time just starting the thing.


Open to change and quickly modifying thoughts and actions to respond positively. To be flexible rather than rigid, set in our ways, or immovable.

10.6 Lattice Structures in Crystalline Solids – Chemistry

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Are there direct and time-sensitive consequences if the issue isn’t resolved? Are those consequences monetary? Or, is the customer simply more demanding than someone with real stakes on the line?


Customer service skill 14 confidence

Logos calls it Morph Search, and it’s hands-down the most useful feature of this Bible software. There are few times I use Logos without putting this tool to work for me.

A calcium fluoride unit cell, like that shown in Figure 17, is also an FCC unit cell, but in this case, the cations are located on the lattice points; equivalent calcium ions are located on the lattice points of an FCC lattice. All of the tetrahedral sites in the FCC array of calcium ions are occupied by fluoride ions. There are four calcium ions and eight fluoride ions in a unit cell, giving a calcium:fluorine ratio of 1:2, as required by the chemical formula, CaF2. Close examination of Figure 17 will reveal a simple cubic array of fluoride ions with calcium ions in one half of the cubic holes. The structure cannot be described in terms of a space lattice of points on the fluoride ions because the fluoride ions do not all have identical environments. The orientation of the four calcium ions about the fluoride ions differs.


Confidence provides security and closure. Customers feel certainty as they progress as well as clear-headed resolution at the end of the support exchange.

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The Logos team has gone through the Bible tagging words with their basic definitions. Now we can finally search the Bible by meaning instead of just by word.

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Environment and communication in the language development of deaf children. In: Bradford LJ, Hardy WG, eds.


It’s a force-multiplier: you get out what you put in. This is NOT some theo-magical device that makes the Bible’s most difficult passages become clear. You’ll still need to put in hard work, but the return on that investment is amazingly high.

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Direct and indirect statistically significant associations of other neurocognitive outcomes with severe HI and cranial RT dose are presented in eTable 7 in the Supplement. The amount of variance in the association of cranial RT with neurocognitive outcome that was accounted for by severe HI was 20% for verbal memory, 27% for cognitive flexibility, 33% for verbal fluency, 17% for visuomotor speed, 25% for fine motor speed, and 36% for word reading (eTable 7 in the Supplement).

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As your expertise grows, take note of standout moments. Maintain a physical journal or running Google Doc where you can record exactly what helped you discover something new. Such experiences are invaluable when teaching customers.

Within every business there are builders, developers, and practitioners: the people who create and deploy whatever it is you sell. Set up a regular schedule for one-on-one time. And find ways to (for lack of a better term) suck up to them.


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You may need to explain multiple ideas and include multiple steps to address someone’s need. But every time you communicate—whether via email, chat, or phone—limit yourself to one goal: one outcome at a time.

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Becoming more adaptable will require effort, time, and repetition. Take note of the small wins at the end of each day and reflect on the situations where you could have been more adaptable to learn from for next time.


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To greater or lesser degrees, we find our self-worth in the eyes of other people. Pride is the natural human impulse to protect our reputation: to look good.

The density of calcium can be found by determining the density of its unit cell: for example, the mass contained within a unit cell divided by the volume of the unit cell. A face-centered Ca unit cell has one-eighth of an atom at each of the eight corners ([latex]8\;\times\;\frac{1}{8} = 1[/latex] atom) and one-half of an atom on each of the six faces [latex]6\;\times\;\frac{1}{2} = 3[/latex]), for a total of four atoms in the unit cell.


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Unit 4: Entrepreneurial Skills deals with the skills which are needed to become an Entrepreneur. You will get complete information about a good entrepreneur.


The answer is both Yes, and No. Some brakes do make a bit more noise than others. You could consider changing your brake pads to either an organic, Low –Metallic NAO or a ceramic style brake pad and see if that helps.

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This study has several strengths. It included a large sample size, a long-term follow-up, and high-quality and standardized audiologic and neurocognitive assessments. It also had a high participation rate.

A: Brake fade is when the vehicle brakes no longer generate enough friction (essentially stopping power) to slow down or stop the vehicle in the manner you want. This is usually due to wear on either the brake pad, the brake rotor or even both.


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Use of Multiple email Id /twitter account can be allowed. Each twitter account will be identified as a separate participant. If you have 3 twitter account, then your chances to win are 3 times higher.

Each product has its potAYto / potAHto quirks or idiosyncrasies, which can be noisome to learn, after one is accustomed to another's workflow, but no single product can be mastered without some learning curve or trial and error. All have user forums which can be a great help. Just don' expect the forum volunteers to nanny a newbie who neglects first to savor the tutorials, manual, and test projects. You'll also need a computer that meets spec required for what you aim to do.


Think that estimate is too high? Even if you could send 0/25 fewer emails, on average—a very reasonable expectation—you’d still send 3,900 fewer emails per year.

There are two tetrahedral holes for each anion in either an HCP or CCP array of anions. A compound that crystallizes in a closest-packed array of anions with cations in the tetrahedral holes can have a maximum cation:anion ratio of 2:1; all of the tetrahedral holes are filled at this ratio. Examples include Li2O, Na2O, Li2S, and Na2S. Compounds with a ratio of less than 2:1 may also crystallize in a closest-packed array of anions with cations in the tetrahedral holes, if the ionic sizes fit. In these compounds, however, some of the tetrahedral holes remain vacant.


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When a beam of monochromatic X-rays strikes a crystal, its rays are scattered in all directions by the atoms within the crystal. When scattered waves traveling in the same direction encounter one another, they undergo interference, a process by which the waves combine to yield either an increase or a decrease in amplitude (intensity) depending upon the extent to which the combining waves’ maxima are separated (see Figure 18).

Design, Setting, and Participants  Data analyzed in this cross-sectional study were collected for the period April 25, 2007, to June 30, 2021, from participants in the St. Jude Lifetime Cohort Study (SJLIFE), an ongoing study that quantifies the long-term health outcomes of survivors of childhood cancer. Participants included those treated at St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital (Memphis, Tennessee) for childhood cancer who survived 5 or more years after their original diagnosis and who were eligible for audiologic and neurocognitive testing. Hearing outcomes were coded using the Chang Ototoxicity Grading Scale. Data analysis was performed from March 22, 2021, to March 5, 2021.


Hi Kathy, Great article! TEKKEN 3 Hack Pc Gameplay. Created Date: 2/28/2020 5: 38: 46 PM. I was so delighted to discover how clear and coherent they were.

The instantaneous rate of a reaction may be determined one of two ways. If experimental conditions permit the measurement of concentration changes over very short time intervals, then average rates computed as described earlier provide reasonably good approximations of instantaneous rates. Alternatively, a graphical procedure may be used that, in effect, yields the results that would be obtained if short time interval measurements were possible.


Third, data for HI that was considered conductive, noise-induced, or aminoglycoside-related were not available and could not be included in the analyses. Fourth, only a small proportion of survivors for whom a hearing aid was recommended reported using a hearing aid, and data on key variables (eg, years of hearing aid use, hearing aid adherence, and appropriateness of hearing aid fitting) were not available. Thus, we had limited ability to adequately compare neurocognitive function between those who used a hearing aid and those who did not.

Chemistry 2 - Chapter

I hate fine print, so I’m telling you up front: I’m an affiliate of Logos, and I’ve received advance copies of Logos 6, 7, 8, and now 9 to try out. If you decide it’s right for you based on my recommendation, they give me a kickback.


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Grooved Pegboard Test User Instructions. Lafayette Instrument Co Inc; 1989.

Customer service skill 6 curiosity

The size of the unit cell and the arrangement of atoms in a crystal may be determined from measurements of the diffraction of X-rays by the crystal, termed X-ray crystallography. Diffraction is the change in the direction of travel experienced by an electromagnetic wave when it encounters a physical barrier whose dimensions are comparable to those of the wavelength of the light. X-rays are electromagnetic radiation with wavelengths about as long as the distance between neighboring atoms in crystals (on the order of a few Å).


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Conflict of Interest Disclosures: Dr Bass reported receiving grants from the National Cancer Institute (NCI) during the conduct of the study. Dr Pappo reported receiving personal fees from Bayer, Loxo, and Merck outside the submitted work. Dr Armstrong reported receiving grants from the NCI during the conduct of the study. Dr Hudson reported receiving grants from the NCI during the conduct of the study. Dr Krull reported receiving grants from the NCI during the conduct of the study. No other disclosures were reported.

Teachable people relish failure. They embrace the idea that every situation has only two outcomes: success or the opportunity to learn. Examining missteps like this takes the punch out of losing and reinforces other skills like humility and thick skin.


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HALT stands for hungry, angry, lonely, or tired. Given that it’s impossible to separate external stress from the customer in front of us, stay vigilant over these physical and emotional states.

Nickel metal crystallizes in a cubic closest packed structure. What is the coordination number of a nickel atom?


A compound of thallium and iodine crystallizes in a simple cubic array of iodide ions with thallium ions in all of the cubic holes. What is the formula of this iodide?

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To our knowledge, the present study is the first to objectively measure hearing sensitivity and task-specific neurocognitive function in a large cohort of long-term survivors of childhood cancer stratified by treatment exposures. Consistent with our expectations, survivors with severe HI demonstrated impaired function on 1 or more neurocognitive tests. Adjusting for age at diagnosis, time since diagnosis, sex, and relevant treatment factors, neurocognitive deficits were greater for survivors with severe HI vs normal hearing or mild HI, specifically for measures assessing executive function, processing speed, academic function, and intelligence.


The white pigment titanium oxide crystallizes with titanium ions in one-half of the octahedral holes in a closest-packed array of oxide ions. What is the formula of titanium oxide?

That’s not just cliché; it’s science. Change is hard is because our brains literally shape themselves based on how we typically think and act. But, rigidity is only half the story.


On top of the daily stress of serving customers, you could be facing something personal. Maybe you just had a bad start to the day.

The first rule for this method is “Aim high in steering”. Staying alert of the dangers and traffic ahead not only avoids rear-end collisions, but it also alerts other drivers behind your vehicle to slow down. The driver should steer and focus their attention high, so as to view the road as whole and not just a few feet ahead.


Prospective screening and intervention are needed nonetheless to fully understand the developmental sequence of these problems. Second, pretreatment neurocognitive assessment results were not available for survivors included in the study. Baseline neurocognitive testing is often not feasible and likely not a valid indication of typical premorbid functioning in survivors of solid tumors or CNS tumors attributed to young age and life-threatening illness at the time of diagnosis. Furthermore, many cognitive skills (eg, executive function) cannot be tested in a 2- or 3-year-old child.

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Remember the first time you read the story of manna falling from heaven? It’s an amazing miracle that the Lord worked for his people in the wilderness. Sweet-tasting bread just shows up all over the land like snow! Moses tells the people not to gather more than an omer’s worth per person (Ex 16:16). The people who gathered too much just ended up with nasty, wormy mush the next morning.

Many other metals, such as aluminum, copper, and lead, crystallize in an arrangement that has a cubic unit cell with atoms at all of the corners and at the centers of each face, as illustrated in Figure 7. This arrangement is called a face-centered cubic (FCC) solid. A FCC unit cell contains four atoms: one-eighth of an atom at each of the eight corners ([latex]8\;\times\;\frac{1}{8} = 1[/latex] atom from the corners) and one-half of an atom on each of the six faces ([latex]6\;\times\;\frac{1}{2} = 3[/latex] atoms from the faces). The atoms at the corners touch the atoms in the centers of the adjacent faces along the face diagonals of the cube. Because the atoms are on identical lattice points, they have identical environments.


This isn’t about someone reading your email or chat response. Rather, it’s about thinking that—just because you covered it in your onboarding process or on your knowledge base—they already understand.

Of course, taking ownership doesn’t mean you have to personally solve the problem. Rather, you find a way to make sure it gets resolved.


At the same time, challenge yourself to be direct and discuss the issue further using a calm tone of voice and staying as objective (logical) as possible. Naturally, this is a balancing act with calling a timeout.

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Findings  In this cross-sectional study of 1520 childhood cancer survivors, more than one-third who were treated with ototoxic therapy had severe hearing impairment. Survivors with severe hearing impairment were at an increased risk for neurocognitive deficits, independent of neurotoxic therapy, compared with survivors with normal hearing or with mild hearing impairment.


Without confidence, they’ll become restless, anxious, and irrational. They will continue to email, call, or ask to speak to a manager until you can provide them closure.

Novell was acquired by The Attachmate Group in 2021, and by Micro Focus International in 2021. Novell products are now part of the Collaboration, Security, and File and Networking Services portfolios of Micro Focus.


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That’s fine, as long as you’re willing to step away. Is there someone that can jump in for you? Can you reschedule the conversation? Never feel like calling a timeout is a sign of weakness.

The ratio of octahedral holes to anions in either an HCP or CCP structure is 1:1. Thus, compounds with cations in octahedral holes in a closest-packed array of anions can have a maximum cation:anion ratio of 1:1. In NiO, MnS, NaCl, and KH, for example, all of the octahedral holes are filled. Ratios of less than 1:1 are observed when some of the octahedral holes remain empty.


Gold crystallizes in a face-centered cubic unit cell. The second-order reflection (n = 2) of X-rays for the planes that make up the tops and bottoms of the unit cells is at θ = 22/20°. The wavelength of the X-rays is 1/54 Å. What is the density of metallic gold?

Here are 15 customer service skills along with step-by-step instructions on how to improve each one

In customer service, pride rears its head through a relentless pursuit of solving problems all on our lonesome. The truth is you don’t have to have all the answers. Humility allows us to be comfortable with what we don’t know and to be proactive about it.


Atoms in an FCC arrangement are packed as closely together as possible, with atoms occupying 74% of the volume. This structure is also called cubic closest packing (CCP). In CCP, there are three repeating layers of hexagonally arranged atoms. Each atom contacts six atoms in its own layer, three in the layer above, and three in the layer below. In this arrangement, each atom touches 12 near neighbors, and therefore has a coordination number of 12. The fact that FCC and CCP arrangements are equivalent may not be immediately obvious, but why they are actually the same structure is illustrated in Figure 8.

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In a simple cubic array, only one cubic hole can be occupied be a cation for each anion in the array. The ratio of thallium to iodide must be 1:1; therefore, the formula for thallium is TlI.


Age-adjusted z scores were calculated, and deficits were defined as z scores of –1/28 or lower, which were equivalent to the 10th percentile of the normative distribution. All subtests for each neurocognitive domain are listed in eTable 1 in the Supplement.

The Adobe Premier, Corel (Studio and Pinnacle), and Cyberlink PD tools have similar interfaces. One pays extra for enhanced or advanced tools, but the base "platinum" or "ultra" versions encompass most of what amateurs or enthusiasts need, plus some relatively advanced key-framing and masking stuff which, if nothing else, will enable one to appreciate the work it takes to produce effects most viewers take for granted.


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If you’re unable to respond immediately to new requests, help customers understand this. Simple auto-replies to let people know your team responds within 24 hours is far better than a day of silence.


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Figure 19. The diffraction of X-rays scattered by the atoms within a crystal permits the determination of the distance between the atoms. The top image depicts constructive interference between two scattered waves and a resultant diffracted wave of high intensity. The bottom image depicts destructive interference and a low intensity diffracted wave.

This applies both to the solutions you provide as well as your assessment of the problem. Treat every assertion as a hypothesis and actively seek to disprove your assumptions (just like a scientist).


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When we multitask, what we’re really doing is “task switching,” which eats up brainpower. Disciple yourself to focus on the customer, the whole customer, and nothing but the customer.