I like to use Emacs Bindings for navigating the terminal. The iTerm2 default for the Control key works just fine, but the Meta key puts junk in the terminal. To fix this, iTerm2 needs to know that "Left Option" needs to be treated as a Meta key.

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Check Preferences > General > tmux for configuration settings. You can also adjust whether to open the tmux Dashboard when connecting to a session with a large number of windows. You can open the tmux Dashboard by selecting the menu item Shell > tmux > Dashboard.


ITerm opens all new windows and tabs transparent. Maybe it's just me, but I do not like transparent windows, and have to hit Cmd-U after opening each new tab. The workaround would seem to be to write an AppleScript to open new tabs, but why should I have to go to that trouble to turn off a "feature" that should have been set by global preferences?

Consider using the apropos function when you roughly know what youwant to do, but aren't sure of the exact function that will doit. M-x apropos prompts you to enter a word (or words) related towhat you'd like to do, and creates a buffer for you to browse variousfunctions related to your search term.


This sets the transparency of the window background. It can be temporarily disabled with View > Use Transparency.

This interface works like the keyboard shortcut system in profiles (described above) but it affects all profiles. Settings here are overridden by those in a profile's key mappings.


If your Emacs does not recognize your Alt key as the Meta key anymore, then you probably have some other key bound to Meta (http://zbsmarket.ru/free/?key=8077). In some distributions, this is the Windows key, or a Penguin key on some keyboards. On Macintoshes meta (original site) is often the Option key, which often is caught for other purposes.

Seeing escape characters when pressing the arrow keys in python shell

To enable this for csh shells, set your terminal to xterm-256color (under Preferences > Profiles > Terminal > Report Terminal Type). Some applications may need to be configured to support this mode.


Keyboard - String syntax for the kbd macro in Emacs

I recently applied the security patch for macOS. Using the arrow keys is usually enough, but more often than not you need to move between words. MB; Download: eMachines Notebook WiFi Router. Windows application, it provides loads of functions that are tailored for programmers, webmasters, IT administrators and pretty much all users who need to handle their remote jobs in a more simple fashion. If the Meta key acts inconsistently in iTerm, enable Allow application keypad mode in the Profiles tab of iTerm preferences. They will generally also make Esc followed by any key act as though you had pressed a Meta.

It captures the username and hostname from the example prompt above. Select the action "Report User & Host".


Performing these two steps “frees” C-h to be available for emacs to use as the help key

My left Alt/Option key does not behave as the Meta key in Emacs terminal (OS X), but it behaves as the Meta key in GNU Emacs (GUI) downloaded from https: //. If you spend a lot of time in a terminal, then you'll appreciate all the. Command window W M L. Provides a mechanism for composing a line (or more) of text before sending to the remote system. Screen - screen manager with VT100/ANSI terminal emulation. On my Macbook Pro (el capitan), the meta key is by default mapped to the ESC key. What are your thoughts?

The [value] should be yes to request attention by bouncing the dock icon indefinitely, once to bounce it a single time, or no to cancel a previous request. If it is fireworks then fireworks explode at the cursor's location.


You can assign a hotkey to a particular session. Select Session > Edit Session to modify properties of the current session. The preference window will open, and at the bottom of the General tab is a field where you can set a hotkey that opens iTerm2 to reveal that session.

The badge's color may be set in Preferences>Profiles>Colors. Its position and typeface may be set in Preferences>Profiles>General. Note that the position is always relative to the top right of the session's viewport.


If you have a three-button mouse, by default the middle button performs "paste". You can configure the behavior of the middle button, as well as many other kinds of clicks and gestures, in Prefs > Pointer.

Where R, G, and B are either 2 or 4-digit hex values like 14a7/195f/1efb. For4-digit values, you can get an approximation of the 2-digit value by taking thefirst two digits.


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Send Escape Sequence - This action allows you to enter some text that will be sent when the associated key is pressed. First, the ESC character is sent, and then the text you entered is sent. There are no special characters and no escaping is necessary.

For some users, installing a login script on every host they connect to is notan option. To be sure, modifying root's login script is usually a bad idea. In these casesyou can get the benefits of shell integration by defining triggers.


Usually, the meta key is mapped to Alt key on Windows and Linux. Q&A for peer programmer code reviews. I haven't changed [HOST] file at all, and I'm using iTerm, with the option key set as meta. However using Emacs in iTerm within a tmux session (preferred option), and are the same. Please be sure to answer the [HOST]e details and share your research! I already tried the 'Use Option as meta key' but as strange it may sound, didn't work out.

This toggles the visibility of the Command History tool. It shows recently used commands. You must install Shell Integration for this to know your command history.


If set to 1, the file will be displayed inline. Otherwise, it will be downloaded with no visual representation in the terminal session.

If your keyboard layout requires you to hold Shift (or some other modifier) to press a number, enable this to treat the top row of keys as number keys even when Shift is not pressed. This only affects switching panes, tabs, and windows by keyboard as configure in the preceding settings.


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When selected, the screen will slightly delay redraws while the cursor is hidden. This improves the visual appearance of scrolling in many programs but might introduce noticeable delays for some users.


Using Cmd as Option in Emacs iTerm2 (Example)

Checks if a new version of the Python Runtime is available. It may contain bug fixes or new APIs.

EMachines Notebook WiFi Router - 4 Screenshot

If you have Shell Integration installed, iTerm2 can remember you command history. That history is used to make suggestions for commands, which appear in this touch bar control.


ITerm2 – a better terminal on Mac

ITerm2 + tmux + emacs Making navigation in all three of the above if not the same then at least similar makes life much easier. This is how you can remap the command key to be the meta. Promise that any patents derived from their code will never be used for offensive purposes, and will never be sold. Common modifier keys are shift, alt, or control. In most keyboards (or keymaps to be precise), the control key is mapped to the ctrl key and the meta key is mapped to the alt key. Notebook WiFi Router is a handy and easy to use software router for eMachines.

EMachines Notebook WiFi Router. Emachines Notebook Hotspot Wifi

Magit is a nice integrated gitfor emacs. There are others like it, but this one is my favorite.


Prompt for test-release updates. Doing if with M-b or M-f does the same but with a word (if you are an Emacs user you will be familiar with those key shortcuts). WiFi Router is a software-based WiFi routing utility that turns eMachines notebook into a wireless router. However, in iTerm, I could not find a way to map this meta key to either Option or Command key on my MacBook Pro. Free X server for Windows with tabbed SSH terminal, telnet, RDP, VNC and X11-forwarding - Download. I have an Italian keyboard layout.

These menu items allow you to divide a tab into two or more split panes. The panes can be adjusted by dragging the line that divides them. They will use the profile of the current session.


User Xophmeister - Stack Exchange

If you want to report a bug, press L and reproduce the issue. The tmux protocol commands will be written to the screen.

How to prevent "Write Failed: broken pipe" on SSH

Adjusts the speed of slow pasting to be faster or slower. You must hold down option for this menu item to be visible.


This is the command that is executed when a new session with the profile is created. If login shell is chosen, then login is invoked. You can put special terms surrounded by $$ in this field (example: $$USERNAME$$). When a new session is created, you will be prompted to enter a value for each such term. See the description of URL Schemes below for details about the special "$$" value that can go in this field.

Gives the name of the profile which is shown in menus, preferences, and the profiles window. This serves as the default session name for sessions created with this profile, which is an interpolated string.


Toggles the availability of the Pythono API. See Python API Authentication for details on the security model.

Open Password Manager: Opens the password manager. You can specify which account to select by default.


Full Screen - A full screen window. See Preferences>General>Window>Native full screen windows.

I would really like to use this, but in testing it out, I had it crash on me within a few minutes. I had been playing around with tabs, creating and closing them. Moving their location to bottom and side, etc. Tried setting the text to resize with the window, etc. At some point it all went *POOF*.


Here's an example for a common use case: a list of profiles for sshing to various hosts. In this example, I've used the hostname as the Guid, which makes constructing this file a little easier and works well enough.

ITerm2 also supports launching of user defined scripts from the "Scripts" menu. The scripts need to be stored under the ~/Library/Application Support/iTerm/Scripts directory.


A: Go to Preferences > Profiles tab. Select your profile on the left, and then open the Keyboard tab. At the bottom is a set of buttons that lets you select the behavior of the Option key. For most users, Esc+ will be the best choice.

Stepping through time allows you to see what was on the screen at a previous time. This is different than going back through the scrollback buffer, as interactive programs sometimes overwrite the screen contents without having them scroll back. Once in this mode, you can use the left and right arrow keys to step back and forward, respectively. The "esc" key exits this mode, as does clicking the close button in the bar that appears on the bottom. You can adjust the amount of memory dedicated to this feature in Preferences > Instant Replay uses xx MB per session. The more memory you assign, the further back in time you can step. The instant replay UI also lets you choose to export a section of your terminal history to share with other iTerm2 users.


Although the above key combinations provide for rapid navigation, oneshould generally use them only for short movements, preferring to jumparound inside a file using search forward (both of C-s and s-f) orsearch reverse (C-r). Note that you can continue a search usings-g, and that it will wrap from end of the file to beginning (orvice versa, depending on search direction).

Tab labels have indicators that tell you their status. A blue dot means new input was received. An activity indicator means new out is being received. When the session ends, a ⃠ icon appears in the tab. You can customize these indicators in Preferences > Appearance.


It only has an effect if you have configured your session to be transparent under Preferences > Profiles > Window > Transparency. When Full Screen mode is entered, transparency is turned off by default, but you can select this menu item to re-enable it.

OSX remote_api_shell.py Can no longer use arrow keys to load previously executed lines / navigate

This action allows you to enter some text that will be sent when the associated key is pressed. First, the ESC character is sent, and then the text you entered is sent. There are no special characters and no escaping is necessary.

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By right-clicking in a session a context menu opens. You can use it to open a new session, perform various actions on selected text, or access frequently used features to affect the clicked-on session.


So I did that for my most frequently used meta+ keys. It would be nice if there was another set of radio buttons like there is for option/alt, where you could just say "command key acts like Esc+".

Indicates if the session is at a shell prompt accepting a command. Only works if Shell Integration is installed; if not it will return false.


I have (global-set-key (kbd "M-g") 'goto-line) And in my iTerm2 settings I have both "option" keys set to send +Esc. I run on iTerm a Tmux session loaded with teamocil [session] In one of tmux windows there's an instance of nvim working smoothly. For example Meta-Delete should be "delete-word-backward", but neither "Option key as: " META or +ESC works -both turn Option-Delete into a dead key: no character is generated at all. If you use your Mac OS X as a development machine and are a regular user of the shell, chances are you are going to be using the movement commands a lot. The "Meta" option sets the high bit of the input character, and is not compatible with modern systems. Clang-compiler-activation clang-win-activation clangdev.

Does anyone know what that is the recommended choice? ITerm v. Build OSX v. Emacs v. Works fine in the shell. EMachines Notebook WiFi Router 2.5 can be downloaded from our website for free. Particularly M-left arrow prints the character D, M-right arrow prints C, M-up arrow prints A, and M-down arrow prints B. Another forum participant will need to chime in. What the title says: I want to switch to using an emacs-server / emacs-client model instead of using the GUI for Mac OS X. I use iTerm2.


Are there any good ssh consoles for Eclipse

Do you have trouble finding your cursor? You can turn on the cursor guide by toggling the View > Show Cursor Guide menu item or turning on Preferences > Profiles > Colors > Cursor Guide. This can also be toggled by an escape sequence.

ITerm2 features Applescript support which allows you to automate many aspects of its behavior. Quite a bit of customization is also possible by writing shell scripts.


Window can be linked to an arbitrary number of sessions; vi-like or Emacs command mode (with auto completion) for managing tmux; Lack of built-in serial and telnet clients (which some consider bloat for the terminal multiplexer) Easier configuration. Thanks for contributing an answer to Stack Overflow! The faq recommends the third option, sending the escape character code beforehand, but doesn't say why. Seriously: remap (getting meta right is hard, as keyboards aren't consistent about what they put there sadly) and try it again. As far as I know, in terminal you can't use cmd as meta key, which immediately kills it for me as an emacs user (furthermore in iterm2 you can set it up so that left cmd = meta, right cmd = cmd, which I find very useful). Emacs mode W M L. If you commonly use Emacs, you can configure your session to use the ALT key as the meta key.

ITerm free download for Mac

For zsh and bash users: if you are unable to modify PS1 directly (for example, if you use a zsh theme that wants to control PS1), you must take an extra step. Add export ITERM2_SQUELCH_MARK=1 before the shell integration script is sourced. Add the iterm2_prompt_mark as directed above to your prompt through those means available to you.


You must turn off System Prefs > General > Close windows when quitting an app. For more information on system window restoration, please see Apple's docs.

If you prefer to install only the utilities (without also installing Shell Integration) you can find them here. Most of the utilities work without Shell Integration.


Creates a hotkey window with the specified profile. The profile must be configured to have a hotkey.

I tried different prefixes as well as different key mappings in iTerm, but to no avail

If you press esc and nothing happens, then the tmux client may have crashed or something else has gone wrong. Press "X" to force iTerm2 to exit tmux mode. You may need to run "stty sane" to restore your terminal's state if the tmux client did crash.


On a related note, Lion Terminal also has new Services for looking up man pages: Open man page in Terminal displays the selected man page topic in a new terminal window, and Search man Pages in Terminal performs "apropos" on the selected text. The former also understands man page references ("open(2)"), man page command line arguments ("2 open") and man page URLs ("x-man-page://2/open").

Is there an OS X terminal program that can access serial

Actions may be associated with smart selection rules. When you right click in a terminal, smart selection is performed at the cursor's location. Any smart selection rule that matches that location will be searched for associated actions, and those actions will be added to the context menu. Actions may open a file, open a URL, run a command, or start a coprocess. A cmd-click on text matching a smart selection rule will invoke the first rule.


You can remap modifiers like Option and Cmd within iTerm2. Some users find that pressing Option frequently is uncomfortable, and configure iTerm2 to swap the function of the Option and Cmd keys. This is done in Preferences > Keys under Remap Modifier Keys. If there is some key combination that you don't want to be affected by this change (such as Cmd-tab) add a new global shortcut key with the action Do Not Remap.

Since it's impractical to install shell integration everywhere (for example, as root), there will be times when you need to write a trigger to detect the current username or hostname. Please see the Triggers section of Shell Integration for details.


When Instant is set, the trigger will fire once per line as soon as the match occurs, without waiting for a newline. This was added for the benefit of the Open Password Manager trigger, since password prompts usually are not followed by a newline.

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When there are split panes present, this toggles whether a given pane expands to fill the tab. When a maximized pane is present, the tab will be inscribed with a dotted outline.


Preferences - Documentation - iTerm2 - macOS Terminal

Click the Edit button in the Triggers section. A panel opens that displays any existing triggers. You can click the + button to add a new trigger.

When attaching to a tmux session with the tmux integration, windows are normally opened automatically. If there are too many of them, then the tmux dashboard is opened instead.


Meta modifier keys … These are called Super, Hyper, and Alt

One obvious use of this feature is to automate interaction. For instance, suppose you want to automate your presence in a chat room.

R/emacs - What's the best method to work on a large

This will reset the cursor to its default appearance. This is an intentional deviation from the behavior of DEC virtual terminals.


In Emacs, there’s a handy command called mark-sexp. It marks the rest of the current s-expression from the cursor’s position. It’s mapped to C-M-SPC (ctrl + meta + space) by default, which is compatible with terminal applications.

Captured Output is linked to the Command History tool. If no command is selected in the Command History tool, then the most recent captured output is displayed. Otherwise, the captured output from the selected command is displayed. You can remove a selection from the Command History tool by cmd-clicking on it.


A: Older mouse reporting protocols didn't work in large terminals. Recent versions of vim (at least 7/4) support the "SGR" protocol, which does not have any practical limits on terminal size.

If you reboot, your jobs will terminate and not be restored. The window contents should be restored.


Bold commands are from the current session. Clicking on one will scroll to reveal it. Double-clicking enters the command for you. Option-double-clicking will output a "cd" command to go to the directory you were in when it was last run.

Macos - tab - Making iTerm to translate 'meta-key' in the same way as in other OSes

This toggles the visibility of the Actions tools. It has a list of user-defined actions (for example, send a canned string of text). The tool provides an interface for editing the actions as well as invoking them.


Recently Active 'discussion' Questions - Emacs Meta Stack

A: iTerm2 lets you to specify two fonts. If you only use English or western european languages, you probably only need to set the font for ASCII characters. For other languages, you need to specify a font that works with your language as the Non-ASCII font. You need to make sure the size (height) of two fonts do not differ greatly, so iTerm2 won't display a mess of mixed glyphs.

Newest iterm2 questions feed

C-M-SPC now works in all the new terminal windows that use the edited session. You can also make the same changes for running terminals by editing the running session.


Invoke Script Function - Calls a function registered by a script. See Scripting Fundamentals for details on functions.

Paste from Selection - Pastes the most recent selection made in iTerm2, even if it's not what's in the pasteboard. Allows you to configure advanced paste settings.


Get code examples like "powershell sharepoint copy file to other site collection" instantly right from your google search results with the Grepper Chrome Extension. The meta key was a special modifier key marked with a solid diamond. Emacs meta key on mac iterm2. Leave it alone, make it set the meta bit, or send the escape key beforehand. EMachines Notebook WiFi Router eMachines notebook wifi router is a software-based wifi routing utility that registration code, keygen and other warez or. MIT: X: X: A semi-numerical cosmological simulation code for the 21cm signal.

When enabled, the window will not change size as the tab bar is shown or hidden. Instead, the number of rows of text inside the window may change.


If text is displayed against a similar background color, the minimum contrast setting will move the text color towards black or towards white to ensure some minimum level of visibility. Setting this slider all the way to maximum will make all text black and white.

Unanswered 'emacs' Questions - Unix & Linux Stack Exchange

Written by Owain Lewis. Contribute to shrysr/dotemacs development by creating an account on GitHub. I should add that my primary use is emacs. This Stackoverflow forum helped me. I'm very used to having Emacs interpret M-left/M-right as backword/forwards word. These are all described below.


Sets up a new hotkey window profile if you don't already have one. For more information, see Hotkey Windows.

Make the new Meta key something else

If you have trouble remembering a particular key combination, thewhich-key package tries to help. If it detects a moment ofhesitation after entering an incomplete key combination, it will showyou a list of possible completions. For instance, in the previousparagraph we discussed two possible completions for C-h: C-h k todescribe a keybinding, and C-h f to describe a function. You candiscover other help functions by keying just C-h and reviewing themany possible completions.


Debian) the Alt key generates “Alt” and the Windows key generates “Meta”. Instead of changing things around, adapt to it and use “Alt” key combinations for the window manager (eg.

No title bar - A window without a title bar. It is hard to move but is as minimal as can be.


With shell integration, iTerm2 will remember which directories you have used recently. The list of preferred directories is stored separately for each username+hostname combination. It is sorted by "frecency" (frequency and recency of use).

ITerm2 > Check for Updates

The basic objects are: window, tab, and session. The application has zero or more windows, each window has one or more tabs, and each tab has one or more sessions. Multiple sessions in a tab happen when there are split panes.


I've tried changing iTerm2. I spend most of my work day in iTerm. Thus, I can't make use of any "M-" bindings. In Mac OS X, the meta key is mapped to the alt key, but as you may very. First of all, you probably should create your own user pack for this stuff, rather than forking Emacs Live itself - that way you get to take advantage of updates with ease. In bash shell with emacs key-binding, you can use key combination like M-f, M-b to move one word forward or backward on the shell prompt respectively.

Allows you to export an existing script as an its file, suitable for sharing. If you have a code signing certificate and private key, you can opt to sign your exported script. Signed scripts are easier to install.


By omitting the inline argument (or setting its value to 0), files will be downloaded and saved in the Downloads folder instead of being displayed inline. Any kind of file may be downloaded, but only images will display inline.

Version 0/8 is much, much better than past versions in terms of stability, at least so far. There are still some weird quirks, though. For example, I was using the "Font Size Follows Window Resize" option and it started resizing in ways that weren't even following my mouse drags of the resize tab. Also a major shortcoming to my mind is that it only offers either confirmation of closing windows or not confirming. It doesn't have the option to confirm only when their is an active telnet/ftp/whatever session running in the window. Still, it has tabs and a lot of other nice features and it now seems to be fast (past versions were very slow) and so I'm going to try using it on a daily basis now.


You can search its contents by typing a (non-necessarily-consecutive) subsequence of characters that appear in the value. You can use arrow keys and enter to make a selection, or you can click on an item to choose it, and it will be pasted. If you enable the Save copy/pate history to disk preference then these values will persist across sessions of iTerm2.

Python MacOS Terminal: Keyboard Arrow keys in raw_input

If selected, window titles include the window number. You can navigate to a window by pressing cmd-opt-N where N is the window number.


I've never had an issue with Apple's terminal. Granted I'm not the most hard core terminal user ever, but why reinvent the wheel?

Macos - emacs: Use C-S-backspace on OSX - Stack Overflow

Two of the most useful forms of help fornew users are variations on describe: C-h k (help -> describekeybinding) brings up a prompt that will listen for a series ofkeystrokes, then report what function is called by that sequence;while C-h f (help -> describe function) will provide a similarservice for functions using a completion interface. Functiondescriptions will also list the shortcuts keys that are bound to thatfunction.


To fix this, iTerm2 needs to know that Left Option needs to be treated as a Meta key

The "Guid" is a globally unique identifier. It is used to track changes to the profile over time. No other profile should ever have the same guid. One easy way to generate a Guid is to use the uuidgen program, which comes standard with macOS.

ITerm2 ships with some color presets, which you may load from this popup menu. You can import and export color presets to files with the extension "itermcolors". There is an online color gallery where users may share color presets, and a link to it is provided in this menu. When importing a color preset, the name it is assigned is based on the filename imported.


Github/hacksofteare Code Example

A buried session is a session that continues to run but is not a part of any window. If you have a long-running job that you want out of the way, it can be convenient to bury its session. It is used by default for the session where you initiate a tmux integration client using tmux Integration.

Each word in the search query must match at least one word in either the title or the tags of a profile in order for that profile to be matched by the query. For a word to be a match, it must be a substring.


The Instant Replay feature allows you to view the past window state. The import/export feature allows you to save that state to an itr file and share it with others. For more control, enter instant replay by selecting View > Start Instant Replay and click the Export button there; it will allow you to clip the recording by selecting its start and end points separately.

Force quitting iTerm2, causing it to crash, or upgrading it when prompted should restore your sessions. NOTE: Quitting iTerm2 with Cmd-Q will terminate your jobs and they won't be restored. There is an advanced preference to change this behavior, though.


Sometimes interactive programs will overwrite something of interest on the screen (for example, top(1) does this all the time). Normally, this would be lost forever. With Instant Replay, you can step back in time to see exactly what was on your screen at some point in the recent past.

Adds an annotation to the word beginning at the cursor. An annotation is a scratchpad for you to write notes about a chunk of text in your history.


Post a job; About MyBuilder; Find tradesmen; Advice centre; Tradesman start; Iterm2 document. Copy link Quote reply vajapravin commented Dec 18, 2020. Edit: The reason for the behavior is because bash believes the prompt is longer then it actually is. As a simple example, if one use: PS1="\033[0; 34m$" 1 2345678 The prompt is believed to be 8 characters and not 1. Get code examples like. January 2020 – Melbourne, Australia. I use iTerm2 and I've set Left/Right option key acts as +ESC in iTerm's profile tab, I also delete all profile.

Command line - How to open files via Terminal - Ask Different

Scale to Fill - The image is scaled up or down preserving the aspect ratio so that it completely fills the window. Parts of the image may be cropped out.


If you hold shift while clicking the existing selection is extended. In fact, you can single click in one location and shift click in an other location to make a selection: no dragging needed.

Records the current scroll position. Use Edit > Jump to Mark to restore the scroll position.


Move pane - The current pane will turn green. Click in another window's tab bar or in another pane to split to move the now-green pane.

Trusted Windows (PC) download eMachines Notebook WiFi Router 2.5. The Deej at 3: 30 PM on September 5, 2020 [ 7 favorites ] I installed Snow Leopard last night on my lowly Jan 09 MacBook: less than an hour, no problems at all. Modifier keys like Ctrl and Shift merely zeroed some bits from the code of the key being pressed (for the Ctrl key) or turned lower case into upper case, and numbers into symbols (for the Shift key). After downloading and installing the lightweight application, eMachines Notebook WiFi Router utilizes your eMachines notebook`s built in WiFi card to wirelessly share any available Internet connection: a wired broadband connection, a cable modem or 3G USB adapter. Command key to Meta in Emacs. I can't make use of any "M-" bindings.


This page shows you how to define Super and Hyper keys in emacs

What I've found is that: if I set option to "+ESC", vim just understands ESC+key, and has no idea I actually.

Is there a way to make alt-f and alt-b jump word forward and backward instead of printing ƒ and ∫ on Mac

There's also New Terminal Tab at Folder, which will create a tab in the frontmost Terminal window (if any, else it will create a new window). These Services work in all applications, not just Finder, and they operate on folders as well as absolute pathnames selected in text.


Highest Voted 'modifier-key' Questions - Emacs Stack Exchange

Q&A for Graphic Design professionals, students, and enthusiasts. I can use any of the default key bindings like normal, but M-g, (or others I've remapped) still send the default command. Option + arrow key in Mac OSX I set my option key as meta, and tried to use M-left/M-right in org-mode and it send character 'D'/'C' instead. The GUI uses cmd as the meta key, which is what I want. I'm not sure why it doesn't work on Linux out of the box. With eMachines Notebook WiFi Router you can create your own wireless network in your Ethernet-only hotel or meeting room.

Source hacking for xemacs

Splits the session either horizontally or vertically. If the optional command is provided then it is run in place of the profile's command. A horizontal split has a horizontal divider, while a vertical split has a vertical divider.


If you paste a whole profile into a Dynamic Profile this way, make sure you remember to change the Guid. A Dynamic Profile with a Guid equal to an existing Guid of a regular profile will be ignored.

Its first value (matches) gives the entire matched text. Subsequent values of matches, matches, etc, give capture groups.


Scripts using the Python API may register custom tools. Those will also appear in this menu. See the Asymmetric Broadcast Input script for a working example.

If you enable notifications (Preferences > Profiles > Terminal > Send Notification Center alerts) then you'll receive messages when a terminal beeps, has output after a period of silence, or terminates. There's also a proprietary escape sequence to send a notification. You can adjust the kinds of notifications that get posted in Preferences > Profiles > Terminal > Filter Alerts.


You may combine quoting, operators, and anchors. The operator always comes first, followed by a caret, followed by a quoted string, followed by a dollar sign.

Please build in something like Visor (For Terminal) in this! I'd love only having to press a hotkey to bring out a Quake style launch for iTerm!


Here are some configuration suggestions to use the option key as Meta, as opposed to Esc

A tab with split panes may have "empty" areas. This is because tmux wants every tmux window to be the same size, but our split pane dividers are not exactly one cell by one cell in size.

Invoke Script Function: Runs a script function. The parameter is always an interpolated string. See Scripting Fundamentals for details.


How To Use Option as Meta Key in macOS Terminal

When using a block cursor, it's hard to pick a cursor color that's visible against every background color. If you enable Smart cursor color (under Preferences > Profiles > Colors) then the cursor color will be dynamically chosen to be visible against the text it is over and the adjacent cells.

A coprocess is a job, such as a shell script, that has a special relationship with a particular iTerm2 session. All output in a terminal window (that is, what you see on the screen) is also input to the coprocess. All output from the coprocess acts like text that the user is typing at the keyboard.


When I open mac on a terminal on the remote host, it does not recognise option key (alt) like the meta. But for productivity I can see where Meta+f and Meta+b can be more resourceful. C-q and my desired key combo (Alt+CMD+left, where Alt is my Meta), all I get is ^[C as the escape sequence. It's possible that Alt+Cmd+Left sends an Esc character to represent Alt, followed by an escape sequence starting with Esc. EMachines Notebook WiFi Router v eMachines notebook WiFi Router is a software-based WiFi routing utility that turns eMachines notebook into a wireless router. EMachines Notebook WiFi Router Download.

Q: How do I make the option/alt key act like Meta or send escape codes

Detach: Detaches from the tmux session associated with the current pane. It remains running in the tmux server.


Note that the direction of next and previous is reversed relative to the standard macOS search direction. If you prefer for Next to mean down and Previous to mean up, set Preferences>Advanced>Swap Find Next and Find Previous to No.

Compact - A combination of Regular and Minimal. The standard colors are used, but the title bar is eliminated to save space.


I think 'hyper' relates to those space cadet keyboards with a trillion extra keys

I am having some trouble with some keybindings though. Particularly M-left arrow prints the character D, M-right arrow prints C, M-up arrow prints A, and M-down arrow prints B. M-ret seems to work though, at least for org mode. I am using the xterm defaults for keys in iterm2 and have the left and right option keys bound to +Esc. I can get the M-left functionality in org-mode with Esc-left or Esc-right This is particularly annoying in org-mode.

To the person who is having trouble with centericq, please make sure you are using a font that has the graphical characters required by ncurses. As of version 0/7.0, iTerm comes bundled with the FreeMono font that has all the required graphical characters. I just briefly tested centericq, and it work fine for me.


Emacs + OSx + iterm2 = Meta key works

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What is iTerm for Mac

ITerm2 has the capability of rendering text with thin strokes to improve readability. You can change how this works in the Text panel of the Profiles tab of Preferences.


The context was for keystroke in Emacs utilized in an iTerm2 session

Checks to see if a new version of iTerm2 is available. If Preferences > General > Prompt for test-release updates is turned on then this includes beta versions; otherwise only stable versions are downloaded.

When enabled, each pane gets its own status bar. When disabled, the window has a single status bar that shows information pertaining to the current pane.


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ITerm2 offers support for "coprocesses". This very powerful feature will allow you to interact with your terminal session in a new way.

Open the Toolbelt by selecting the menu item Toolbelt > Show Toolbelt. Enable the Toolbelt > Captured Output menu item to ensure it is visible.


Having Hyper and Super keys helps a lot but, of course, modern keyboards don’t have them

The first dropdown box in the tmux Integration section allows you to define how tmux windows should be mapped to native constructs. When attaching to a new tmux session with the tmux integration, tmux windows not seen by iTerm2 before will open in either new windows or tabs, as specified by this preference.

I'm using 0/9.5/0517 and Leopard 10/5.4. In fact I cannot update to any later version than 0/9.5/0517.


Macos - Making iTerm to translate 'meta-key' in the same

Unicode version 9 offers better formatting for Emoji. If your applications have been updated to use these tables, you should enable this setting.

The current pane will turn green. Click in another window's tab bar or in another pane to split to move the now-green pane.


When this is enabled, the operating system will prevent other programs running on your computer from being able to see what you are typing. If you're concerned that untrusted programs might try to steal your passwords, you can turn this on, but it may disable global hotkeys in other programs.

Unanswered 'iterm2' Questions - Stack Overflow

The value of [base64] is a base64-encoded filename to display as a background image. If it is an empty string then the background image will be removed. User confirmation is required as a security measure.


Normally, words in a query must match a substring of a word in the title or tags of a profile. You can require that a word in your query matches a prefix of a word in the title or tags by inserting a caret (^) before the word. You can require that a word in your query matches the suffix of a word in the title or tags by appending a dollar sign ($) after the word. For example, the query ^a matches only profiles with words starting with "a". The query a$ matches words ending in "a". The query ^a$ matches only the word "a".

You may want to check out more software, such as MSI Notebook WiFi Router, eMachines Notebook WiFi Router or Acer Notebook WiFi Router, which might be related to Compaq Notebook WiFi Router. In the "Keys" tab in configuration, change "Left Command" to map to the "Right Option" key Under the "Profiles" tab changed "Right Option" key to act as Esc Hopefully that helps anyone else using Emacs with iTerm2 on OSX. Originally written in 1984 for the DEC VAXStation as a stand-alone program, xterm was quickly integrated into X, and today. Detailed: emachines notebook wifi router is a handy and easy to use software router for emachines notebooks. For most users, selecting "+Esc" here is the right choice. Tagged under Meta Key, Computer Program, Option Key, Esc Key, Alt Key, Macos, Computer Terminal.


Full patch allows you to pick which keys should be treated as Meta

Kick off the build by running make. It spits out thousands of lines of output.

EmacsWiki: Category Keys

When selected, this opens a scrollable list of color presets. Choosing one changes the current terminal's colors to use the preset.


A property list describes a data structure consisting of arrays, dictionaries, strings, integers, and boolean values. Property lists may be written in JSON or XML.

A key-value pair is formatted as key=value. The only currently defined key is id. Two adjacent hyperlinks with the same URL but different ids will highlight separately when Command is pressed during hover.


When I open up emacs, and type C-h k, it tells me that Emacs is reading the key press as a Ctrl-p (previous line). Two of those three years I avoided using it for any meaningful work. Prints help to the terminal window man echo # Displays the man page in the. I like having one additional modifier key. NOT the code, must be the project. Also, note that you should have VS Code installed.

Emacs in terminal meta arrow keybindings

The current state and positions of windows, tabs, and spit panes is recorded and saved to disk with Save Window Arrangement. Restore Window Arrangement opens a new collection of windows having the saved state. You can automatically restore the arrangement in Preferences > General > Open saved window arrangement.


This menu contains items which may be separately enabled. They are combined to form the session's title. The session's title is shown in per-pane title bars, when visible; it is also the default tab title. The current tab title also serves as the window title.

Double-clicking a directory will type its path for you into the current terminal. Option-double-click will enter a "cd" command for you. You can also right-click on a directory to toggle its "starred" status. A starred directory will always appear at the bottom of the list so it is easy to find.


After the release of emacs 24/1, I took the time to jettison anenormous quantity of elisp that had accumulated in my dotfiles since1985. Most of the custom features implemented by that code now haveanalogues in base emacs or in one of the many packages available viathe various ELPA-compatible repositories.

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The console shows the running scripts, their logs, and the history of communication between the script and iTerm2. It also offers access to the Inspector, which lets you view variables in the various sessions, tabs, and windows. It also reveals registered functions. Both the console and the inspector are intended to be used as debugging tools for people working with scripts using iTerm2's Python API.


Run Silent Coprocess: Runs a silent Coprocess. This differs from a coprocess in that output goes only to the coprocess and does not get displayed while it is running.

While iTerm2 runs, it monitors the contents of that folder. Any time the folder's contents change, all files in it are reloaded.


Summary: Emachines notebook WiFi Router is a software-based WiFi routing utility that turns your Emachines notebook into a wireless router (click reference). Designed specially for Emachines brand notebooks for sharing the.

This toggles the snippets tool, which holds strings that can be pasted quickly. You can edit snippets in Prefs>Shortcuts>Snippets.


The GUI uses cmd as the meta key, which is what I want

Finally, add a regular expression that matches the start of your prompt and give the "Prompt Detected" action. This causes a "mark" to be added, which is a blue triangle visible to the left of this line. You can navigate from mark to mark with Cmd-Shift-Up/Down Arrow.

This command may be sent after FTCS_COMMAND_START to indicate that a commandwas aborted. All state associated with the preceding prompt and the commanduntil its receipt will be deleted. Either form is accepted for an abort. If the[Ps] argument is provided to an abort it will be ignored.


Command line - iTerm 2 equivalent - Ask Ubuntu

This coprocess command assumes you are at the command line, and it enters a command to open the offending file to the line number with an error. This is where the capture groups in the regular expression from step 1 become useful.

You may assign custom actions to mouse clicks and trackpad gestures. The left mouse button is not configurable because its behavior is rather complex, however. This is especially useful if you have a mouse with many buttons. Any combination of mouse button + number of clicks + modifiers may be assigned an action. For gestures, three finger taps and swipes may be configured in combination with modifiers.


Invokes a Python API expression. This creates a bridge from Applescript to the Python API. You can use it to call a registered RPC, or to evaluate other kinds of expressions used in the Python API, such as variables in the global scope.

This used to on by default, but is no longer so as of version 3/3. When enabled, a copy of the Default profile is created, called tmux. When using tmux integration all tmux sessions will use this profile.


The emacs-native navigation keys (C-b, C-f, C-p, C-n forbackward character, forward character, previous line, next line) areeasy and efficient once internalized, but they predate and differ fromevery other system one is likely to use. This configuration prefersthe arrow keys, but maintains the (IMO) most important aspect of theemacs philosophy of movement: the base movement keys can be amplifiedwith modifier keys. M-left will move one word to the left, M-up arrow will move up one paragraph, and so on. Of particular interestfor programming modes, C-M-left arrow will navigate left by onesexp (S-expression in lisp terms, but some other "unit of code" inother languages).

Feed for question 'Removing no such file command from OSX terminal startup'

ITerm2 should require little explanation for users accustomed to terminalemulators. Even if you are an experienced user, take the time to read throughthe highlights section of this document. It will familiarize you with somefeatures of iTerm2 that you may not have seen in other terminal emulators thatcan make a real difference in the way you work.


Get post meta key wordpress

Shell integration consists of a shell script that's loaded when you create a new session or ssh to a remote host. It modifies your prompt so iTerm2 knows where it is. This enables a number of features, such as Copy Output of Last Command, Automatic Profile Switching when changing hosts, and more as described in Shell Integration. When you install Shell Integration you'll be prompted to also install its Utilities. The Utilities are a collection of shell scripts that use iTerm2's unique features and make them easy to use.


The name can specify any script in the Scripts menu. First, it searches for a script with that exact path relative to ~/Library/Application Support/iTerm2/Scripts.

This button is only visible if your OS version supports touch bars. By pressing this button, you can define a new custom touch bar button with any of the actions you can assign to a key (see below). You can then add the custom button to your touch bar with View > Customize Touch Bar.


There are two function keys controls. The first, labeled Function Keys Popover, opens a scrollable list of function keys when pressed. It is compact but requires two taps to press a function key. The second, labeled Function Keys, shows a scrollable list of function keys at all times. It takes more space but is quicker to use.

Setup iTerm2: Better Movements with Emacs Bindings

Opens or focuses the find panel. Select the down arrow to the left of the search field to open the options menu, which lets you select case insensitivity and regular expression options. The default case sensitivity option of "Smart Case Sensitivity" performs a case-sensitive search if the search query contains any upper case letters. Otherwise, a case-insensitive search is performed.


Visual studio code - How to open folders in VSCode via

When both a tmux integration and tmux text-mode UI client are attached to the same tmux session, the text-mode UI can sink data much faster than tmux integration can because it drops information between frames. In this case, a large buffer can grow in the tmux integration window. Once the time to catch up exceeds this number of seconds, the tmux integration session will be paused. That means it stops receiving new data. While paused, no more data will be added to its buffer and may be lost forever. You will be prompted by a notification at the top of the window to unpause the session. This feature is only available in tmux 3/2 and later.

However, if you’re a hardcore Dvorak user like myself who wants to use key bindings such as M-b and M-f using the original Dvorak layout, there’s a problem. You can only “move backward/forward one word” in QWERTY layout. I use version 8/4.0 so I don’t know about the latest version for Mavericks.


If you have lots of sessions you can quickly find the one you're looking for with Open Quickly. Select the View > Open Quickly menu item (cmd-shift-O) and then enter a search query. You can search by tab title, command name, host name, user name, profile name, directory name, badge label, and more. Open Quickly also lets you create new tabs, change the current session's profile, and open arrangements. If you start your query with a / then that gives you a shortcut to various commands.

You can configure any key combination to perform any action in two places: in Preferences > Keys, you can define global key shortcuts that affect all profiles. In Preferences > Profiles > Keys, you can define key shortcuts that affect only a single profile.


You can use the ClearCapturedOutput control sequence to remove captured output. This is useful to do before starting a compilation which may produce errors. Doing so ensures the only captured errors are from the most recent build.

Computer Program Computer Software Product Key Keygen Free Software, Annual Bonuses PNG

If selected, a 1-pixel border will be shown around the edges of terminal windows. On macOS 10/14, window borders are only drawn for windows with some transparency. Opaque windows get a border drawn by the OS.


If you’re in a hurry, ESC maps to Meta, so you can type ESC x instead of M-x. This even works over SSH, on any keyboard layout.

PWD - The present working directory. Use Shell Integration to enable this to work when connected to a remote machine.


Profile Name - Gives the current name of the profile the session uses. If the session's profile changes, this profile name will be updated.

Meta and#in a UK mac terminal

The keys felt very slow, and there was a noticeable delay between typing and screen response. Turning off anti-aliasing helped a bit, but not much.


A session that has had only its window contents restored and not the running processes will get a reverse video Session Restored banner. A properly restored session will pick up right where you left it.

Full-width bottom/left/top/right of screen - A window that fills the display edge-to-edge along one dimension and is stuck to one edge of the screen. The rows or columns setting will be disregarded.


The marvelousvisual-regexp is bound tos-r (and visual-query-regexp to s-R). These functions provideregular expression query/replace with a live preview of matches andreplacements. The latter 'query' version iterates over the matches,replacing ones where the user presses space and skipping the oneswhere the user presses delete.

You can mark a location in a session with cmd-shift-M and then jump back to it with cmd-shift-J. This is useful, for instance, if you suspend your editor to compile a program and it emits errors. You can save a mark at that point and then return to your editor to fix the errors. As you work, you can jump back to the compilation errors with cmd-shift-J.


Thus, Emacs notices that no key will be Meta and accepts Alt instead of Meta

Custom ASNI color settings have been moved to Bookmark session settings. Each saved session can have its own color settings.

This action allows you to enter a sequence of hex codes that will be sent. Each value should begin with "0x" followed by one or two hex digits (0-9, a-f, or A-F). Each code should be separated by a space. You can see a list of hex codes on in the "Hx" column.

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Shell scripts to convert between ascii armor PGP keys and QR codes for paper backup xilin/ios-build-script - Shell scripts to build ipa wrossmann/add-to-check_mk - Shell script to add new hosts to Check_MK via command line. Chances are, too, that you are using iTerm instead of the system provided (if you are an Emacs user you will be familiar with those key shortcuts). Download Emachines Notebook Wifi Router Software. Instead of exposing a custom API method or parameter for every possible customization point, we allow you to intercept and compose every bit of functionality! This will make iterm send a meta-b and meta-f whenever you trigger your new bindings, and since those are the bash defaults (assuming emacs-mode for readline), they should work everywhere. Move command parsing into the client.


Normally, when you use tmux, multiple virtual windows are displayed in a single "physical" window. You can manipulate the environment by issuing commands to tmux.

Option as Meta on a Mac

The Meta Key (denoted as M or Meta) is a modifier key which mean it temporarily modify the normal action of another key when pressed together. I don't want to bind this to any other complex key sequence as I use this very often. Summary, eMachines notebook WiFi Router is a software-based WiFi routing utility that turns your eMachines notebook into a wireless router. When I set the meta key as alt/opt using Apple's Term the setting works. Terminal and the successor to iTerm. You can bind Command to meta, but if you want a.


Starting in version 3/4.9, Dynamic Profile Parent GUID is another way to specify a parent. It takes precedence over Dynamic Profile Parent Name.

Send Text - This action allows you to enter a text string that will be sent when the associated key is pressed. The following escape characters are supported: \n (newline), \e (escape), \a (bell), \t (tab).


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If enabled, iTerm2 will load its preferences from the specified folder or URL. After setting this, you'll be prompted when you quit iTerm2 if you'd like to save changes to the folder.

For more advanced settings, see: On Linux, you define Super and Hyper key in the OS

The primary use of the mouse in iTerm2 is to select text, and (by default) text is copied to the clipboard immediately upon being selected. You can click and drag to perform a normal selection. Double-clicking selects a whole word. Triple-clicking selects an entire line. Quadruple-clicking performs a "smart select", matching recognized strings such as URLs and email addresses. You can add custom pointer actions in Preferences > Pointer. I recommend using three-finger tap for smart selection, but you must ensure that System Preferences > Trackpad does not have any other action already assigned to three-finger tap.


Arrow keys not working in python shell on virtualenv on mac osx

Bottom- and Top-of-screen windows will disregard the columns setting. Left-of-screen windows will disregard the rows setting. Full-screen windows only respect the rows and columns setting when full-screen mode is exited. The full-width/full-height styles ignore the column or rows setting, respectively, to use all the available space except what is reserved by the system.

The Edit Current Session panel lets you modify the appearance of a single session. If you customize some attribute of the session (for example, by changing the default text color) then subsequent changes to that same attribute in the profile will not affect the customized session. However, changes to other attributes of the profile will affect the customized session.