The Japanese version doesn't accept normal English text and it will add a big gap to each English character we added. The Korean version allows English text and we could change it to fit more text in one line.

  • Sentou Gakuen is the very first anime-styled Online Visual Novel that is combined with MMORPG elements
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I mean let’s face it every game anime or drama has that “incurable disease” story and in our case this is it. Ayato is a senior in Hitomi’s school so he is one year older than her. As with all the other guys in the game, Ayato’s popular with the ladies. Unfortunately he has some kind of unnamed incurable disease that can possibly kill him. One day Hitomi even finds him with blood spurting from his mouth so she gets further involved with this, despite him trying to push her away so she does not get hurt in the end.


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When they go on their summer trip, Kennosuke requests that they go to France. There he observes a French pastry chef and gets some words of encouragement from Hitomi. He’s also strong so he catches the guy who steals her wallet in addition to protecting her from stupid bullies during the school festival. Kennosuke also has 3 older sisters who probably contributed to his trauma of Gyouza rofl. Anyway while Hitomi is on her skii trip she tries to contact him to no avail. When she comes back she finds out that his dad is forcing him to move back home to “retrain” him to take over the estate.

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I remember I played once an Otome game (don't know the exact name anymore) just for the fun of it and after 1 hour or so I quit and pledged to never ever touch a game like this again. When it says it is meant for girls then it is REALLY meant for girls.

Anyway at one point in the game Touru goes overseas to America to learn about being a movie director. This is his dream and his father managed to strike up a deal to let him be an apprentice for a month. Unfortunately overseas he gets sick and doesn’t eat much causing him to lose like all his weight and become half the size. When he comes back almost no one recognizes him, including Hitomi. By the time he comes back I’ve had Hitomi down to 48kg anyway so they’re both kinda “half their size” by now.


There she meets his friend who has the same disease. His friend’s girlfriend Natsumi has been visiting him for over 2 years now and every year they celebrated Christmas in the hospital room.

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While most of the game is spent losing weight, each guy has his own little story. In Souta’s case he has manorexia. Apparently he didn’t like eating his parents’ food so they left him with his grandma. He thought that his parents abandoned him and so he only cared about his grandma and would actually eat her cooking. Unfortunately at one point his grandma falls ill and is sent to the hospital where she may possibly die. He gets so upset he stops eating again and it’s up to Hitomi to cheer him up. Fortunately his granny recovers and he’s happy as a puppy (literally) so he finally asks Hitomi to be his girlfriend. Unfortunately he has a fanclub who are then enraged that she take their shota-prince away from them and demand they break up.


So the 4th time I did his route I had like 3 different guides open and realized something simple: You HAVE TO harass him for dates or have tea in his apartment. This will bring his heart meter up for you. Once you get this up you can just go on about your normal weight loss but you have to just harass him for tea & dates non stop until at least August to make sure that his heart turns pink for you. If not seriously you’re screwed lol. Anyway his story is that his ex-girlfriend shows up and wants to get back together with him. But the whore left him for some rich guys so she’s a gold digging bitch to begin with!

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In addition I never bothered to get all the CGs. I know there’s a “model” end where she ends up with no one but becomes a super model. There’s also the “diet fail” end where you end up with no one because you didn’t get to 55kg by March 14th. Do I wanna go through an entire year of exercising just to get these CGs? No. Also I didn’t bother getting the “friend” ending with any of the guys. I know there’s an extra CG but to me that’s like getting a bad end =_=; It’s mostly the “not this diet shit again” that’s stopping me. I’m so pro at this game now I remember what items are in what store, what day to buy them on and what months to ask the guys on dates. Sigh, I think this is a sign that I need to quit and move on to a new game xD Hope you enjoyed my tl;dr if you made it through this far!


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Due to piracy rules and such I won't be sharing any links in my blog other than the ones that are freeware, but feel free to message me if you have any questions, and I'll try my best to answer. No promises about troubleshooting though :P Now, let's start~~ Oh, before that. As many people would ask about this, I ONLY play visual novels on PC, I can provide no help or guidance on PS2,PSP,nintendo DS,iphone or android games.

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Huh, I wonder if I could play through this. Otome games can't be too different from galge, can they?


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Sentou Gakuen is combining these Visual Novel and MMORPG elements into one

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Persona 3 Portable featured a female mc mode, in which you can strengthen your social link with the male characters; those featured a more otome style, compared to the galge style you would feel through associating with the female characters as the (regular) male protagonist. Hakuouki is an anime ported from an otome game, so you might want to give it a shot, too.

Takashi Oniichan – So before I ever even downloaded this game I read on various forums that this game had “incest”. I mean I knew there was an oniichan route but I mean there were oniichan routes in all the Da Capo games I ever played – but since they weren’t blood related it was okay. Hell even the Takashi’s voice actor was the same guy who played the “oniichan” role of Shio in Da Capo Girls Symphony. So I thought why not this may be a good route and Takashi is a pretty funny character with all his crazy siscon traits.


A high schooler weighing 99 lbs? What is Hitomi like 4’7″ or something? Anyway he’s rich and Mr. Perfect and is the #1 top eligible bachelor of Hitomi’s high school. The first thing he says to her is he hates her annoying she is and that she let herself get so fat.

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Tachibana Kennosuke – Kenchan’s VA also voiced Madarame in Genshiken but I didn’t realize this until after the fact xDDD Kennosuke is one year younger than Hitomi and also the obocchan of a rich family estate. Unfortunately he has no interest in inheriting it and instead runs away to live in the apartment building owned by Hitomi’s family – so that he can secretly practice his dream hobby: to be a pastry chef.

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We do apologize that you couldn't get your question answered. I will have an agent contact you.


Love Revo English Patch for DS finally released

It is capable of creating small archives from your large sized files to save disk space. And then enter a serial key number, and i enter my GTA IV CD key from steam. DS (Japan) (Nintendo DS) for free in your browser. Jul 10, 2020 - Get from our site the new software and be updated with the trend. Because my bias Takashi is hands down never beatable no matter how many games I've played - and I've played at least 30+ otome games haha. Perform a thorough search for leftovers on your PC without having to rely on the default uninstaller.

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Tokita Kaede – I was really looking forward to Kaede’s route because he’s voiced by Ishida Akira. It was actually a big fat disappointment to be honest. He spent half of the game around that skinny bitch Yurika who made fat jokes at Hitomi in every sentence. It turns out that she is is client and he is her “bodyguard hitman” sort of. Unfortunately for Yurika, he doesn’t have any love feelings for her like she does for him. Instead since I’m doing his route, he had developed feelings for Hitomi but didn’t know what to make of them.

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