So at the moment, I'm alomost back to where I was with Mountain Lion, except for iCloud/iMessages and Bluetooth. I still need to dig into the Nvidia issue of running at full tilt all of the time.

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4specs Discussion Forum: Hardware setup

In the process, I discovered that GetLocalInterfaces() in my libDwm library did not work correctly on FreeBSD 9/1. So I had to fix it. It now works correctly and sitetrafficd is now running on depot, recording IP traffic totals and TCP handshake round-trip times.


I previously had a neat little hack in place to launch Mail, iCal and iTunes automatically when I started my computer, but this is a much more elegant and stable. Meanwhile, we'll be encouraged to move on to the next version and battle all the regressions it will introduce. While they're slower than some other cards, they're still much faster than a typical USB 2.0 port. OS X Mountain Lion (10.8) MacRumors attracts a broad audience of both consumers and professionals interested in the latest technologies and products. We are one of the few services online who values our users' privacy, and have never sold your information. Questions about running OS X on non-Apple hardware are generally considered off-topic. Apple OS X Mountain Lion - Downloaded: 14. OS X Mountain Lion brings a lot of great things from iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch to the Mac. Firefox for Mac Download for Free: Mozilla Firefox web browser offers a large number of features and reasonable security. I don't know if any of the changes would really help and I don'. English 70.4 MB 04 /15/2020 Mac. HyperDock is one of those apps i couldn't imagine living without, it brings some awesome features to OS X i missed for a long time. Appearance Icons Mac Informer. As powerful as it is, Mountain Lion OS does not come with comprehensive data recovery programs or tools. OS X Mountain Lion is available now for $19.99 in the Mac App Store. It works by resizing a selected window to fit precisely on one half of the screen – on the left or right – which then allows you to place another resized window directly next to it on the opposing half.

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Designed for scientists, Papers manages PDFs of journal articles. Articles imported to Papers can easily have their metadata applied from journal databases. Articles can then easily be sorted by author or journal, and labeled with different categories. Papers has an associated iOS app that it syncs with.


Used to work OK, but recently upgraded to latest version and now I can't stop the configure screen coming up every time Right Zoom is launched. I'm running Snow Leopard in a user (not admin) account, with Right Zoom as one of my login items.

Updated: 13 most annoying Mojave problems on Mac

I finally got around to installing the BMW TIS and ETK under the Windows XP virtual machine on my hackintosh. The trick to getting both the MINI and BMW parts in the ETK is to use the 'denver78' password instead of the 'berlin56' password during installation. I continue to hate the java interface in the new versions of the ETK, but I'll live with it. I installed the 8/2007 version of the ETK and the 12/2007 version of the TIS.


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Set names and separate background pictures for different spaces. Really helps me focus on one specific project at a time and helps me avoid tangents.

Some OS X files (Installer package receipts) are missing or unreadable. Other OS files may be missing as well.


Livetype is an awesome title generator that came with FCE. It does have a rather steep learning curve if you aren't used to keyframing, but it generates professional-looking titles at a great price.

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MacFUSE allows you to extend Mac OS X's native file handling capabilities via 3rd-party file systems. It is used as a software building block by dozens of products.


I also ordered a Satechi Premium 4-port Aluminum USB 2/0 hub for her, with a 3-meter extension cable. The extension cable will let her plug it into the back of the machine if she doesn't want to plug it into her Apple keyboard. The advantage of this hub over others is purely cosmetic: it matches her Apple keyboard and trackpad. The disadvantage is that it's bus-powered, so it can't be effectively used for anything that draws a lot of current. It should be fine for thumb drives and the like.

Amazing background app for quickly accessing and adding events to your mac's calendar. Supports Caldev Sync to keep your mac's calendar always up to date, as well as natural writing event creation.


Postbox 2 is first class email software that puts you in the driver’s seat. Stay on task, find information quickly and act, not react.

Sloth is a graphical frontend for the console tool lsof. If don't know what that is, it doesn't matter!


I used both Emacs and TextMate for quite some time, but finally became a Vim user. I think I'll have a look at TextMate 2, if it will actually be released some time.

I have mixed feelings about the change. On the plus side, the old behavior was a hidden option; the new behavior is displayed in the application's Dock menu and is available whether you right-click or click-and-hold. On the minus side, the new behavior is an extra step and significantly less convenient for me - I didn't use it all the time in Snow Leopard, but I did use it; I almost never use it now.


How did you make the custom profile? I would suggest deleting any non-Apple profiles, remake your profile, and see does it auto-load on boot.

MarcoPolo brings context-aware computing to your Mac! It allows your computer to determine its context through gathering evidence from your environment (evidence sources), using flexible rule-based fuzzy matching to make an educated guess (rules), and then performing arbitrary actions upon changing context (actions).


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Martin are used in this document. But if you know where to look, you can change a lot about how your Mac looks and works. Unfortunately the problem is I don't know whether the installers of CS4 or CS6 will work in Sierra. Uploader: Akikus: Date Added: 22 December 2020: File. I used may have been cracked. Fraser Sims Accordance 3x on iOS 13x on 1st gen iPad pro and iPhone 8, occasionally accordance 13x on Mountain Lion on a reliable '08 mbp. This edition of office includes all of. MAC OS X is a powerful and the most operating system for your Apple device. Avg Internet Security 2020 Beta Build 2020 0 2615 with Key-adds Hyperdock 1.3 mountain lion crack. ENG; Microsoft Visual Studio Ultimate 2020 - ENG; Graphisoft ArchiCAD 16 (x32x64) Hotfix 1 Build 301. Page Keywords / 8 /faq: 3 /get: 3: Updown monitoring. OS X Mountain Lion brings a lot of great things from iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch to the Mac.

Disable all notifications for all applications in System Preferences > Notifications. The apps will all be moved to the list "Not in Notifications Center". I myself only left "Badge app icon" for Mail enabled, which is the red dot on the Dock Mail icon with the number of unread messages.


In Snow Leopard, if I left-click and hold on a dock application icon, after a moment it shows me little thumbnail icons of all the current minimized windows that belong to that application. I don't remember any preference item for this and couldn't find one - it just works, apparently.

Descargar Gratis Microsoft Office Para Mac Os X 10.9.5

I tested the cabling from my switch to the outlet in the garage, and it seems fine to me. Hence the problems with my Raspberry Pi GDO going down for days at a time is likely the demise of the PoE splitter. I ordered a beefier one from fs.com that's PoE+ capable and can output 25W. It likely won't fit in my enclosure, but that's OK as long as it turns out to be the solution to my problem. Assuming it does, I'll splice the cable from the old supply and mount the new splitter outside of the enclosure if necessary.


MacDailyNews Previewing OS X 10.9: What can we expect from Apple’s next operating system? Comments Feed

Well, the Rosewill rack rails suck. The way the brackets are made, combined with the design of the handles on the RSV-L4411, means the case can't go all the way in to be flush with the rack and the rack screws will not reach. I'll have to modify things to make it work. Makes me wish I had just saved up for a Supermicro 3U case.

DockView for Mac: Free Download + Review [Latest Version]

However i still have a problem, my mic can hardly be heard anymore, I've checked the control panel, the cards gamer mode settings, I've checked the game (World of Warcraft) I've tried reinstalling the drivers. I've used 3 different Mics, but the level of recording is all the same. I can't brake half of a quarter bar and noone can hear me, when I used to be able to max the bar. Well guys thanks, I've been battle with this problem for 3 days. O I've even tried the original drivers, but that keeps causing a blue screen of death and I'm forced to use the new drivers?


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Since none of the Apple experts here seem to have any idea as to even why this is happening, much less how to solve the problem, I can only conclude that THIS HAS TO BE A BUG and the only fix is yet another system update that patches whatever is making this lock thing happen. Could it be an installer issue that's fouling things up? Could it be a problem with the App Store's delivery of the updates? I sure hope somebody finds a solution real soon, because while I can't unlock my prefs, at least they're locked. I really feel bad for the people who can't lock theirs. I really believe that the two problems are related.

A terminal window for every application. Press a hotkey (I have mine set to Cmd-Opt-Space), and a floating command line pops up over your current window, initialized to the current directory of that window.


RightZoom seems to cause a problem with the Quicktime Plugin in Safari (probably only Safari because Safari the only browser was on my list of supported apps for RightZoom). Any action you take (button press, etc) on a quicktime plugin window causes the computer to become completely unresponsive for 3-5 seconds and the quicktime movie choppy.

Permanent Link: See All Open Windows on a Mac with Mission Control

At the moment I know that I'm somewhat constrained by the slowness of the Lnx2Mac ethernet driver I'm using in my hackintosh. It has no support for jumbo frames, which puts some constraints on my network bandwidth. In fact the Realtek 8111 chipset doesn't support jumbo frames. If I want to do something about it, it appears my best option is an HP NC360T 412648-B21 from eBay. I don't really want to occupy my second PCIEX16 slot with it, so I'd need to slightly modify the card to fit in one of the PCIEX1 slots. Not a big deal, and I'd normally say it's not worth it except for the fact that I'd really like to migrate my whole LAN to jumbo frames. The HP card also has support for checksum offload, and the hardware supports TCP segmentation offload though I'm not sure the OS X driver uses it.


The recovery procedure will require that you erase the Mac using OS X Recovery, and then create a new user whose contents will be empty. You will then be able to use Setup Assistant to migrate your essential documents including photos, music, work products and other essential files.

Play any audio across your network to a whole host of devices, all in sync! Airfoil sends audio to remote speakers including iOS devices, other computers, and hardware devices like the Apple TV and AirPort Express. Airfoil for Mac gives you any audio, everywhere.


KeePassX is a cross platform secure password saver. Like Keychain, but you can use it on your mobile phone and windows computers.

Having grown tired of the hard-to-read printing on the daskeyboard Model S Professional for Mac keyboard, I ordered custom keycaps for it from wasdkeyboards.com. You can see my design on their website here, and I saved a screenshot here. I had no need for colors, hence I adhered to a monochrome theme. I went with white for all normal keys that produce output in text editors, light gray for most modifier keys, and dark gray for the keys that do something special in combination with the function key near the right control key. Note that I used larger than normal fonts where possible, to make it easier to read the keys in a dimly lit office. I also used the correct symbols on the modifiers that are used by OS X. This makes it a little easier for me to map to them when I see them shown for a hotkey in an OS X menu.


On my way home, I stopped at Microcenter and picked up a replacement SO-DIMM for the bad one I bought there on Saturday. I found a Crucial SO-DIMM replacement, which I installed when I got home.

Yes, the behaviour is different - slightly - in Mountain Lion (http://zbsmarket.ru/free/?key=9121). If you press and hold the dock icon, one of the options listed is "show all windows". Choosing this does exactly the same as what you are used to in Snow Leopard - shows small icons of all windows open in that application.


Hack os x mountain lion code

This is one truly awesome little app which is sadly not well-known. I'd even say Vox was one of the reasons I switched to Mac. Nothing but the essentials for a music player.

Growl is a well-known 'notification' system for the Mac; many different programs support Growl and will pass notifications to it. You have a surprising degree of control over how the notifications appear, how they group themselves together, how they are dismissed from the screen etc. This can be configured universally or on an app-by-app basis, so it's very flexible.


Does just what it's supposed to and is so easy it became habit and when I didn't have it(when I upgraded) I was lost. If you have issues, remember to update and check the exclusion list, it's there for a reason.

Hacked mountain lion iso

Displays customizable system monitoring information like CPU, memory and network usage and hardware temperatures in the menu bar. So like MenuMeters but a bit nicer in my opinion.


Apple Daily News – 2020-04-03 – STATOPERATOR

After nearly 20 hours of work, I have Yosemite running on my hackintosh. Most of the difficulty in installation revolved around waiting so long (I skipped Mavericks altogether). Getting a Clover USB stick to boot to the installation screen was very difficult. I could not use the latest Clover, I had to back down to r2976. I also had a great deal of difficulty using traditional BIOS (version F12 for my motherboard), and wound up updating to UEFI (version u1l). This alleviated a lot of headaches, but it was still difficult to get my Clover USB stick to boot to the Yosemite installation. Some of this revolved around my video card (Nvidia GTX570), I had to use nv_disable=1 as a boot argument in Clover.

It's a small utility, but one that I find pretty indispensable. One of the first apps I install on new Mac.


It's one of my top 5 favorite apps and one I'd hate to do without. I use it every time I start a new project!

I bought Werker WKA12-9F2 batteries for my Powerware 5125 2U rackmount UPS and installed them. After powering up, I discovered that the UPS is complaining about ground. This means one of two things: bad ground or reversed hot and neutral wiring in the outlet.


I ordered a Middle Atlantic QFP-2 from eBay for the MDV-R12 that holds my ethernet switches and UPS. The only remaining item I need is a PDU or power conditioner, preferably a Furman.

Before I start modding the case, I need to look at the BIOS settings for fan speeds. I have a bad feeling that the default setting has the fans running at 50% duty cycle.


I even tried uninstalling InDesign and then reinstalling/updating with no apparent difference. However, the delays seem to have shortened with the latest InDesign update (8/0.1/406).

I installed the power supply, motherboard and temporary boot drive in the Rosewill RSV-L4411. It appears that the IBM M1015 card will arrive tomorrow, at which point I'll install it in the motherboard and try to get it working. Amazon has not yet shipped my 1-meter SFF-8087 to SATA forward breakout cables yet, so I don't know if I'll receive them this week, despite it being a Prime order.


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Two panes file management program. Not as cutomizable as Total Commander but has a lot of features builtin.

I never really enjoyed using Skitch, even before Evernote bought them. Not too long ago I heard about Glui and have fallen in love ever since.


Some of your user files (not system files) have incorrect permissions or are locked. This procedure will unlock those files and reset their ownership, permissions, and access controls to the default. If you've intentionally set special values for those attributes, they will be reverted. In that case, either stop here, or be prepared to recreate the settings if necessary. Do so only after verifying that those settings didn't cause the problem. If none of this is meaningful to you, you don't need to worry about it, but you do need to follow the instructions below.

Adium is a free instant messaging application for Mac OS X that can connect to AIM, MSN, Jabber, Yahoo, and more. It provides enhanced security by supporting the OTR messaging protocol out of the box.


I cut the 4 pieces of plywood for the door and drilled the pocket holes. I then glued and screwed them together, using clamps and an engineering square to keep it square while driving the pocket hole screws. I then cut two stiles (one wider than the other to accomodate a handle) and two rails and ran them through the router table. I'd normally use symmetric stiles, but I wanted to maximize visibility into the cabinet. I glued and pocket-hole screwed the stiles and rails to the new door. I sanded it and put the first coat of polyurethane on it. I also cut the acrylic for the door's window.

Can't believe Apple messed this up. However, one little quirk: Adobe Illustrator CS3 seems to have difficulty with it. With Right Zoom installed and running, Illustrator begins to hang up nearly every time you select something. The beach ball appears and it only hangs for a few seconds, but it is troublesome.


Apple remote, lets you use your ipad's big keyboard as a keyboard for AppleTV. No need for a bluetooth keyboard connected to your AppleTV.

Oedit fifa 07 crack

Coda is the only web-language-text-editor I like. It does everything you really need for web applications.


I cut the hole for the 80mm Noctua fan and installed it, and replaced the original 92mm case fan with the 92mm Noctua. The CPU temperature under full load (gmake -j6 on libDwm) on both cores crept up to 40C, which is OK. When going back to idle, core2 went to ambient and core1 was 5C over ambient. I'm not worried about the processor, and now I'm not worried about the hard drives. It's worth noting that this machine in its target use will use very little CPU.

I'm amazed it hasn't been mentioned as an answer already. It's saved my data on more than one occasion from catastrophic hard drive failure.


Exposé was replaced with Mission Control in OS X Lion (http://zbsmarket.ru/free/?key=9191) by name, but that doesn’t mean some of the most useful functions of Expose are gone, and in fact what you could see in Expose is still around in the newest versions of Mac OS X, including Mountain Lion (http://zbsmarket.ru/free/?key=7230) 10/8 and newer. One very popular feature was the application Expose feature, which revealed all windows for a specific app, and this is still around in Mac OS X but it’s now visible through a gesture combination.

I ordered Noctua 92mm and 80mm fans, along with a Nanoxia PWMX PWM to voltage controller from frozencpu.com. The Noctua fans are rated for 150,000 hours which is well above any of the fans I have. They're not PWM, hence the PWMX (for the 92mm). The 80mm will be run directly from the power supply.


Apple Daily News – 2020-05-24 – STATOPERATOR

As of last night, ria is now running FreeBSD 10/2-PRERELEASE (the latest 10/1-STABLE). I didn't plan this update, but after many years of running well, Intel broke the em Ethernet driver for the 83574 chipset (the 7/4.2 release of the driver). The symptom was watchdog timeouts, typically during transmission due to NFS client activity. Fortunately, sbruno fixed it and it was MFC'ed in the middle of June. He also added EM_MULTIQUEUE, which I have not tried yet.

Once done, I reconfigured my CarbonCopyCloner scheduled tasks to back up the new SSD. I also started a TimeMachine backup to my MyBookLive.


My web server is now running FreeBSD 10/1-STABLE. I have some port/pkg updating to do, but the 10/1 upgrade was the first step to allow me to deploy my new gallery software so I can ditch gallery3. The end goal is being able to ditch mysql since it's a resource hog. I might need to replace wordpress in order to do that, but that's not a big deal. I don't use my blog all that often and I really should just write a speedier replacement for it using Wt.

OmniDiskSweeper scans your hard drive telling you where your largest files are, making it easy to delete cruft. It's intelligent in how it presents this information hierarchically.


Works for the new trackpad and the multitouch trackpads in laptops too. It's still a bit buggy, but really, really cool.

Flavours uses themes to change the color scheme of OS X. You can use other people's themes or make your own in the app. All you need to do is fire up Flavours and start skinning the colors of various elements of the OS X interface. You can adjust different layers, use gradients, or make your own backgrounds. It's a bit tough to make a design that looks good on your own, but the themes repository provides plenty of different skins to choose from. If Flavours doesn't do what you want, CrystalClear is an excellent alternative.


Typical Softwares Storage

I am intending to build a rolling platform to hold my tower. It will have some venting to allow free movement of air into the power supply and bottom intake fan. Right now I have the case propped off of the floor because its feet sink into the carpet, rendering those intake fans useless.

The Xigmatek XLF-F1453 fans will replace the Fractal Design front intake fans. I don't really trust the Fractal Design fans to last very long, and I'm certain that the Xigmatek are quiet since I already have some in the case.


Os x mavericks app store torrent – Telegraph

I've just installed this app and it's fantastic, especially as a former Windows user! I've been looking for something like this since I bought my Mac 2 years ago!

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The image had the permissions Read and Write for root, No Access for Everyone. I had tried unsuccessfully to add myself (standard account) and giving me Read and Write access rights on the image. What did work though, is changing Everyone's right to Read access. I did this quite simply by hitting Get Info (cmd-I) in Finder, and changing the rights from the list after unlocking the rights by clicking on the padlock and authenticating.


It gives options for what you want to bring over. Installing a new system and migrating data while reinstalling applications is a good way to clean up all the stuff that accumulates on your drive and can cause problems.

Of course, I'm not all that excited about reviving my Axxium 1500 at the moment, since its only connection is a serial port. The Powerware 5115 units that I own have USB ports (though they are not HID compliant). It's also worth noting that since my load is quite low, I don't need additional UPS at the moment. Even if my load doubles with the new server, I'll still be at 20% load. This makes me think that I should wait a bit before buying more UPS batteries, and instead continue working toward finishing depot's build. Most of my power issues are of very short duration (seconds) or very long duration (many hours). I can't cover many hours no matter what I do with UPS, but I can cover 20 minutes rather easily with only my Powerware 5125.


Given that I don't have time for this right now, I ordered a new Ubiquiti US-48-500W switch to replace it. Less features switching-wise, but nicer management features since I already run their controller for my WiFi access points. I also finally ordered a Ubiquiti US-16-XG, since it appears that they finally resolved the issues with 10GbaseT compatibility. The US-48-500W will become my aggregation switch for gigabit ethernet ports and the US-16-XG will become my core 10 gigabit switch. I've been shopping for over a year for the right 10 gigabit switch for my core, and the US-16-XG was my initial target. But then I saw all the issues with early revisions not talking to typical Intel 10GbaseT NICs. Unfortunately I really want a mix of SFP+ (for DACs to machines in my rack and fiber to rooms in the house that need high bandwidth) and 10GbaseT. For a while I looked at using a Mikrotik CRS317, but it has no 10GbaseT ports and their SFP+ 10G RJ45 transceivers work but get hot which makes me question their long-term reliability. While we all know that today's 10GbaseT NICs consume a decent amount of power, they're easier to cool than an SFP+ transceiver.

Recently active osx-spaces questions feed

To power the Raspberry Pi from PoE, I'm using a small PoE to microUSB device that I'll put inside a larger enclosure with the Raspberry Pi 2. This enclosure will also house the indicator LEDs and door activation buttons. The door activation buttons are just for convenience; I often want to be able to open or close the garage door without crossing the garage, and the buttons will allow me to do that while standing near the doors.


I'm not thrilled with the airflow of the PWM fan included with the SuperMicro case. It's fine for the CPU, but it's not pulling much air past the hard drives; they're getting too warm. For now I've taped over the less useful intake areas of the front panel in order to force more air past the hard drives. The longer-term solution is to put an intake fan on the right side of the case, adjacent the hard drive cage. I need to cut the hole, of course.

The machine I ordered is a used 1U server from eBay. A Supermicro CSE-815TQ-600WB chassis, X9SCi-LN4F motherboard, Xeon E3-1270v2 CPU, 32G of RAM. I ordered a Supermicro MCP-220-00043-0N drive caddy in order to install a Samsung 850 Pro in one of the hotswap bays as the root drive. I may later change to ZFS on root, and it's possible I'll move the Samsung 850 Pro outside of the hot swap bays. I also ordered a Supermicro CSE-PTFB-813LB front bezel. I don't need the lock, but I do need the filter. I have a similar bezel on kiva, and it's very useful in my environment (my unfinished basement).


I have a hard time using a Mac without it these days. How does anyone - especially a programmer - work without having the pulse of their Mac at their fingertips? How else do you tell when your browser is stuck or is really downloading something, if you can't see the network traffic? When the computer pauses, and you want to know if it's working, just look at the menu to see that the CPU gauges are pegged at 100% - and much of that is in the kernel. At a glance, I can instantly see that memory consumption has rocketed up, and with a click I can see that I'm heavily into swap space.

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TinyUmbrella is a great app for anyone who has an iOS device they want to downgrade to a previous firmware for one reason or other. It backs up and saves the SHSH blobs or "Keys" required to complete the restore.


Macs have an incredible trackpad, but unfortunately Apple doesn't allow you to make good use of them. BetterTouchTool is a free tool that lets you customize what happens when you use different gestures.

One thing you may want to check is to make sure your friend's Mac has the right-click set to actually work as a right-click. I think by default the left and right click are the same, so you might have to set the right button to Secondary Button in the Mouse control panel.


So after making a backup, download the software BatChmod, and drag the archive to the BatChmod icon. Then change the owner to your current account on the new machine with all three privileges checked, and the group to Admin with all three privileges checked, and apply to enclosed folders and files. You'll need to approve of the changes with your administrator password.

I guess I was living under a rock but this tiny

A Reset Password window will open. You’re not going to reset a password.


Windows will now almost look and feel like Windows 9x. only one step is left. You then get separate Facebook entries, unless Facebook can obviously see the entry is the same as the one in Facebook, in which case it simply "fills in the Facebook Fields" on your contacts. MacUpdate is serving app downloads since 1997. It doesn't allow you to do any of the deep theming of tools. Apple Footer Apple. Windows Server 2020 Datacenter x64 VL RTM Build 9200.16384 - ENG. Change the default save location in Mountain Lion (http://zbsmarket.ru/free/?key=1215) The default save location for TextEdit (and other apps that can store documents on iCloud) is iCloud. Various applications already have ways of reducing the labor involved in this. If you are app centric like KnightWRX explained above, then Mission Control is awesome. A "quick and dirty" tool to patch the Windows display driver with new standard buttons. Users can preview and select windows and tabs by hovering the mouse over a dock time, as well as use shortcuts to quickly open new windows. On July 25, Apple released Mountain Lion (OS X ) as an upgrade to its operating system. Mountain Lion Desktop Support Mountain Lion Desktop Guides Lion Desktop Support Lion (read full report) Desktop Guides Snow Leopard Desktop Support Snow Leopard Desktop Guides DSDT SSDT Other Operating Systems. Other masking tools – both within Photoshop and other third party filters require intricate brushing, sampling. OS X Mountain Lion Pocket Guide, Seibold, Chris, New Book.

I picked up the CSE-731i-300B case for www from Microcenter for $87/99 plus tax. I also ordered the remaining initial parts for www from from Newegg.


In addition I note that you have Avast installed. Rid your MBP of this unnecessary AV software. Unless you have a Blackberry device, rid the MBP of all Rim components.

It asks me if I want to download the drivers every time I print. If I say "yes" it searches and then tells me the drivers are unavailable.


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Textual is a lightweight IRC client created specifically for Mac OS X. It was designed with simplicity in mind. Textual has taken the best of IRC and built it into a single client. Its easy-to-use functionality combined with scripting support makes it an ideal IRC client for novice to advanced users.

100% compatibility with OS X 10.8 Mountain Lion and earlier OS X

Copy the messages to the Clipboard by pressing the key combination command-C. Paste into a reply to this message by pressing command-V.


No setting up formulas, no equals button. If you make a mistake, you don't have to start all over again, you just hit delete.

The SFF-8087 to SATA forward breakout cables arrived. I installed them and ziptied them neatly around the perimeter of the case so they don't have an adverse effect on the air flow.

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Download Boot Camp free for Mac

A bad thing about the new switch is that I need to do some rearranging in my rack to accomodate it. It is deeper than my existing switch. Since I have my switch in the back of the rack, it needs to be in a position where it doesn't conflict with the opposite device in the front of the rack. The new switch's air flow is side-to-side, which I also need to take into account. But the big issue at the moment is that my Middle Atlantic rack drawer is in the front of the rack opposite where I'd like to place the new switch, which creates a problem for the new switch.


I installed a pair of Middle Atlantic 8U rack rails in the back of the MDV-R12. These are for the patch panels I am installing in the rear, and to hold a fan panel.

From JetBrains, the makers of IntelliJ. Has a lot more refactoring support than XCode and a more powerful editor. Especially useful to anyone coming to iOS development from the Java world.


Apple's multicam workaround is bogus&quest

I installed an HGST 7K4000 4TB drive in depot to temporarily host TimeMachine backups of my hackintosh. Eventually I'll add more 4TB drives and use ZFS, but I needed something to replace the backups that were going to ria but haven't worked for 4 months due to insufficient space. The disk that was previously hosting hackintosh backups on ria is now hosting backups of depot's operating system (/, /var and /usr).

A good IDE for cocoa developers. Xcode 5 is now available on the Mac App Store.


If -p is left off, it will be asked for. Just enter it as a normal password response procedure.

Apps Update - HyperDock, Adium, Things

I replaced the Corsair H100 fans with the Noctua NF-F12 PWM fans. My core temperatures look fine, and the machine is very quiet.


I've been holding back because (1) I don't like complicating system stability with add-ons, and (2) AFAIK neither of them displays browser tabs as separate thumbnails the way Windows 7 does (in IE and Firefox; this never works in Chrome). If I like one of those utilities, maybe I'll recommend it to my friend.

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The answer is to navigate to Computer/Macintosh HD/System/Library and create a folder entitled LaunchAgents (Disabled). Throughout this procedure you will be repeatedly asked for your computer password.


There is no way to reverse the effects of having used CleanMyMac2, and the developer's uninstallation instructions are ineffective. Only MacPaw, its developer, can know the reason for that, but I can think of two possibilities: either they are purposefully leaving components behind for reasons known only to them, or they simply don't know what they're doing. Neither one of those possibilities is particularly comforting for the user.

Adjust the time delay for when the dock re-appears

I bought a new Samsung 840 Pro Series 512 gigabyte SSD today. Mainly because the price dropped to $467/99, but also because I wanted the faster I/O and the longer warranty than I had with the Samsung 830 SSD. I also wanted the extra disk space; my Samsung 830 was 256 gigabytes, I will now have roughly double the SSD space. The Samsung 830 will go into my 2009 MacBook Pro, which has seemed very slow lately because I've grown accustomed to having SSD. I am in the process of cloning my Samsung 830 to the new 840 right now, using Carbon Copy Cloner. I am using a Kingwin USI-2535 to do the cloning. It is a simple adapter device that lets you plug an IDE or SATA drive into a USB 2/0 port. I looked at some USB 3/0 models, but given that the USB 3/0 is flakey at best on my hackintosh, I decided it wasn't worth the expense. The USI-2535 was dirt cheap at $15/99. I'm assuming it'll work dandy for my MacBook Pro too.


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Technically this is both an iOS and Mac OS X application. What it does is let you use your iPad as a second monitor with your Mac. When I am using my Mac my iPad isn't usually in use (unless a family member stole it) so I use Air Display to make it useful while I am using my Mac. You get a 1024x768 or 768x1024 display that rotates and flips automatically - like you would expect.

I then dropped ria in place, shut down the old gateway, and updated DNS. I tested things via my iPhone (using the new IP address), and all looks OK.


I use it as my daily productivity booster since it moves all files I haven't touched within the last week from my Desktop into my archive. It has many more features you may find interesting.

Depending on your Mission Control and gesture settings in Mac OS X you might need to do a four-fingered downward swipe instead. Performing the downward swipe in the currently open app has the same effect, assuming that app has more than one window open.


These are the best IDEs for Web development I found so far. The features go way beyond what simple editors offer. Intellisense, refactorings, debugging, source control integration are my favorite.

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So instead I went back to 3,1 and no overclocking in my BIOS. For the moment, it seems to have resolved my sleep/wake issues. I doubt it will stay that way; I've done this before and eventually I had wake issues.

HyperDock: All versions - Mac Informer

I am still looking at options to hold my Middle Atlantic TD rackmount drawers that are currently in a full-height rack I'd like to sell. I'm starting to think that my best option is a Middle Atlantic BRK20, since it looks better than the other options I've considered and it is a better match to my Middle Atlantic studio furniture racks. I'd add the RKW-HD heavy duty caster set.


The L5640 CPUs are overkill for my needs. I may buy L5630 CPUs to replace them, in the interest of reducing power consumption. I like the idea of having 12 cores for the times I need to do something intensive, but these are older Xeons and not as power-efficient as say a new E3 or E5 Xeon. But this really boils down to up-front cost; I got the server with chassis, rails, motherboard, CPUs and RAM for $600.

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It almost sounds like he used FileVault to encrypt his hard drive. There is a means to open that image file but, of course, he will need to use his old FileVault password to permit the image file to be decrypted. A Google search should reveal the procedure.


Monosnap is a free screenshot program for Mac OS X and Windows. The program allows users to create screenshots, annotate them and upload them to the cloud.

Click the Unlock button in the toolbar and enter your login password when prompted. Then quit Disk Utility to be returned to the main Recovery screen.


I put the third coat of polyurethane on the rolling platform. This is the first coat that wasn't absorbed by the wood. Hopefully I won't need a fourth coat. Sleep/wake seems to be working again. I got it working by loading optimized settings in my BIOS and then didn't change my clock multiplier.

This is an awesome calculator that I have been using for at least 10 years. For basic arithmetic and quick calculations this app can't be beat.


It's a bit like a more single-minded Dashboard for your desktop. You can make awesome clocks, or beautiful server monitoring, or just a fortune cookie (if you install fortune with HomeBrew).

Really has improved my workflow as a programmer. Makes it super easy to share screens when working with others.


If you do not have a backup that predates the use of CleanMyMac, create one now. To do that read Mac Basics: Time Machine backs up your Mac.

I know a lot of people use Adium, and I did too for a long time. But iChat just does what I want and does it slightly more elegantly, so I switched.


What's new in Right Zoom

I bought an HP TFT7600 KVM console via eBay. The list price is $1679, but I paid $189 including shipping. While my ancient black and white 9" IBM VGA monitor and a spare keyboard has been OK for my KVM for a long time, it's far from convenient and it takes up a lot of space in my rack. I'm looking to migrate to a shorter rack, and to sell both of my 42U racks. Having a 1U slide-out KVM console with a 17" screen greatly reduces the space I need.

After much fiddling and head-scratching, I went back to using the analog audio output of my motherboard. I eventually found a post in a forum on how to reset the SRC2496: hold the EMPHASIS and COPY buttons while powering up. I'll be darned, that appears to have fixed it. However, I don't trust it long-term. I believe it's over 10 years old, I think I bought it in 1998. The DAC in it is really nothing special, and I know the analog stages are low-grade. The main reason I bought it way back when was for digital conversion, and to avoid induced noise on the cable from my PC by moving the DAC close to my pre-amp and amplifier. At the time I was using an m-audio Revolution 7/1 card (which I wish I could still use, it was a nice card for the price). In my current home office, I don't really have noise sources to worry about, so I could just use the analog output of my hackintosh.


I've been working diligently on ams for a couple of days. I had to install a new video card, since the one from the old gwydion was bad. I installed a Swiftech MCP655 waterpump, replacing the old Swiftech MCP350 whose bearing shaft had failed (after 5 years).

It's not all about how OS X looks though. Sometimes, you want to customize how it works. You have plenty of options for doing this. With a little tweaking, you can customize how the keyboard works, how the touchpad operates, and plenty more.


The 1' patch cables and 3 meter DAC cables arrived from fs.com. I installed the patch cables, which cleaned things up TREMENDOUSLY. I also installed the DAC cables for testing. They're working fine, so I can start reconfiguring kiva and depot to use their 10 gigabit connections.

We can move new documents and new versions to updated font standards as we go, but sometimes old fonts are required to prevent text reflow when reprints are needed. That situation isn't going to end anytime soon for graphics people.


Download macOS Mountain Lion free for Mac

On a positive note, I picked up the Magic Trackpad from the Apple Store at Twelve Oaks Mall. As usual, a very pleasant retail experience. In fact it has me leaning toward getting a Mac wired keyboard for this machine. It's a lot cheaper, it takes up less desk space, and if mom doesn't like it, I'll keep it for myself as my spare.

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XBMC is an award-winning free and open source (GPL) software media player and entertainment hub for digital media. XBMC is available for Linux, OSX, Windows, and the original Xbox.


I created a new SSDT with a turbo overclock to 4GHz. It works fine, and I never saw CPU temperatures get out of hand running all cores at full tilt.

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A really simple, intuitive twitter client. This is the one that got me to switch from Tweetie.


My second rack is holding 16U of Middle Atlantic rackmount drawers right now, along with my old waveform generator and oscilloscope. I intend to replace that with a shorter, shallower rack. The Middle Atlantic rackmount drawers are only 15" deep, so using a deep computer rack is a tremendous waste of space. Buying a pair of shorter, shallower racks will let me sell the second 42U rack as well as both of my SKB road cases (currently holding more Middle Atlantic rackmount drawers). Though I might keep the SKB road cases, they're sort of nice for holding 12U of Middle Atlantic rackmount drawers.

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A very powerful backup application that allows you to backup to external drives, other computers, and/or their own cloud at a very reasonable price. It has an impressive compression rate and allows you to create multiple backup sets to backup different data to different locations. It has a well-designed interface and allows you to specify scheduled or continuous backups. It offers versioning and 448-bit encryption. For a home user the software is free to use if you choose not to backup to their cloud.


We'll see how I feel about this setup after I've used the new setup for a week or two. I do still dislike how cramped parts some areas of the keyboard seem when compared to my old Unicomp buckling spring keyboard. The control keys in particular, since I'm a 20-year emacs user and use emacs keybindings in a number of places (not just in emacs).

SFP+ DAC cables should arrive today from fs.com. I need these to connect www and kiva to the new ethernet switch. The 24-port shielded patch panels should also arrive, which will allow me to later run 10GbaseT in the house. I don't have any shielded keystones or shielded cat6a bulk cable yet, but will get them as needed.


Pages is both a streamlined word processor and an easy-to-use page layout tool. It allows you to be a writer one minute and a designer the next, always with a perfect document in the works.

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I'm hesitant to offer this idea because it's untried and risky. And I hope someone else offers a better idea. That said, set up a "root" user account (Apple Support has a page describing the account and how to create one). You'll see it as "other" in log in. It has the possibility of ignoring your messages.


I put the new Dell U3818DW on a Chief K1D120S monitor arm after mounting the K1D120S on my desk. I like the K1D120S, it works really well and the price was fantastic (clearance-like price). It freed up desk space and made it much easier to clean the top of the raised part of my desk.

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Meeting ennahdha 2020 dodge. Last week I updated the Time Machine Back Up using the same external hard drive, but this time something has gone wrong. Free Download Full Version Mac Os. Cute songs about just meeting someone. HyperDock Serial Number Crack For Mac OS X Free Download. First of all, download the DockView application from Kapeli. Mountain Lion continues the fusion of OS X and iOS which started with Lion. Here's some of the top of my head. Page 2. Browse our catalog of over 50 000 mac apps. The latest tweets from @41NBC. Is there differences in options and performance between using it in those different setups? I'm new to all this stuff, always checking what those. Creation process has the following non-default configuration. Mac dock, there are some great tools available to get. The sheer amount of new features Apple packed into this release is amazing.


I need to print a cheat sheet on adhesive-backed vinyl so I'll remember the hot-key sequences for my KVM. When I move to a smaller rack, it won't be easy to use the channel changing button on the front of my Belkin KVM when the keyboard/monitor is extended for use.

If it makes Mr. McE feel any better, one needn't be in a remote location experience this issue: although the Support article addresses a number of network configurations with the Recovery partition, it didn't address mine: static IP on wired Ethernet. My employer also operates a "guest" wireless network, but it requires login via a Web page. The article states that the recovery partition includes Safari, but I could not access it, and the guest network is meant for much lighter tasks than downloading a 4 Gbyte OS installer. Apple should include Network Utility in the Recovery partition so users can adapt to any network configuration.


I'm still waiting for a few things to arrive from fs.com, but I have the switches and one of the 4 patch panels in one of my MDV-R12 racks just to check my intended layout. It looks fine, but I will need a fan panel in the back. There isn't much space for air to enter the front for the intake vents on the sides of the switches, and it's a long way to the back of the rack.

I literally couldn't stand to use the Mac without this software. When I want to full screen an app I just drag the app's title bar to the menu bar and it "cinches" itself to full screen.


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SparkleShare allows you to create your own DropBox. In this way you don't have to pay for more space, if you have your own server, and you don't have to share data with no one else (service provided) except the people you decide.

TSKScrollView or one of its superclasses may have overridden -layout without calling super. Or, something may have dirtied layout in the middle of updating it. Both are programming errors in Cocoa Autolayout. The former is pretty likely to arise if some pre-Cocoa Autolayout class had a method called layout, but it should be fixed.


Fraise is a free text editor for Mac OS X Leopard 10/6 which is both easy to use and powerful. It is designed to neither confuse newcomers nor disappoint advanced users.

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If you're literally days from repair help, it would be prudent to have two back-up mechanisms. For example, Time Machine and SuperDuper/CCC (a clone). The clone image would be an alternative to the Flash Recovery Drive you make.


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I bought another Gigabyte GA-Z68X-UD3H-B3 motherboard from Micro Center. This is exactly the same as the board in my first hackintosh. I bought 16G of memory for it, and an Intel i5 2500K CPU. I don't know exactly what I'm going to do with it yet, but the board was only $60 and since I know it will work as a hackintosh, I couldn't pass it up. It may wind up being built into a hackintosh as a Christmas gift for one of my loved ones. Alternatively, it might wind up as the board for the NAS I intend to build, but it's overkill CPU-wise for that task and I don't really _need_ a network storage box at the moment; I'm nowhere near being out of disk space on any of my machines, and that's with nightly backups (for my existing hackintosh, in triplicate). I've actually been thrilled with the Western Digital MyBook Live for backups, and will likely buy more of them. While they're not super fast, they are inexpensive, portable, easy to configure, low power, and easy to find in local stores as well as online. I will eventually build a FreeNAS box to consolidate my backups (using raidz2), and of course use more reliable drives than the Caviar Green that's in the MyBook Live. But there's a lot to be said for small, inexpensive boxes that use very little electricity and work just fine for backups. The only real downside is capacity since they're single-drive.

Each time I get a dialog box that says "Not Now" or "Install" - every time I choose install, it eventually and inevitably says that the software is unavailable. If I choose not now, it just repeatedly asks me all day, sometimes right after I choose this option. Is there any way to make this stop? I checked the Apple Downloads page and downloaded printer drivers from there, but that didn't change anything.


The best tools and utilities for Mac - Download free

My first hackintosh is now working essentially flawlessly. Sleep and wake work, my CMOS doesn't reset on reboot, and I don't have graphics power management issues. I would like to try AGPM again, to see if I can make my GTX570 run a little cooler much of the time. But at the moment, the machine works essentially exactly like a real Apple machine.

Get the most from your computer with the best system utilities for Mac. Find here a wide range of applications with unique features that can help you clean, tune-up, and improve your overall Mac's performance. Download a few extras and start optimizing software for your needs right away!


This is an open source replacement for VisualHub. It's free and lets you do all kinds of mass video conversions as well as auto-tagging your video with tv show / movie metadata.

Bowtie (free) is a little app for controlling iTunes and Last FM. It comes with several features, and it's really well done. Here's a brief description from its webpage.


Works as advertised and does something useful. My only complaint is that I think I'd prefer this as a preference panel.

Most of the parts arrived to build ria. I'm still waiting for the case fans.


SparkleShare creates a special folder on your computer in which projects are kept. All projects are automatically synced to their respective hosts (you can have multiple projects connected to different hosts) and to your team's SparkleShare folders when someone adds, removes or edits a file.

How to drag a window without using title bar

I ordered the daskeyboard Model S Professional for Mac keyboard from Amazon. I hate the fact that the keys are black with white-filled laser etching that will inevitably wear off (quickly given how much I type). So assuming I like the keyboard, I'll buy new keycaps for it (a light color with laser etching). Every keyboard I've owned with white lettering on black caps has had the lettering wear off quickly.


Anything that has a keyboard shortcut can become a gesture. For example, you can set it up so a three finger swipe up in Chrome pulls resizes the window, or so a four finger swipe down in Illustrator undos your last actions. BetterTouchTool also supports the Magic Mouse, normal mice, the Apple Remote, and the Leap Motion. Setup is as simple as opening the app, picking a gesture, and then assigning a keyboard shortcut to it.

Show All App Windows with Expose in OS X Lion

So having decided to make my next laptop a Mac, and a possibility the Air, I have questions regarding external devices in general, and external USB DVD drive in particular. I bought an external USB DVD/CD-RW drive for a new netbook a week ago, and I may buy a Mac in the next month or so. Can I use the USB DVD drive I bought on a Mac Air, or any Mac for that matter?


I was hoping that they would be here by Friday, but that's probably unrealistic. Given that this weekend is a holiday weekend, I might not see them until next Tuesday.

The best movie player for Mac OS X based on QuickTime & FFmpeg. Opens all types of video files and loads quicker than any other app for movies I've ever used.


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LaunchBar is a smart and powerful, keyboard driven productivity utility that lets you access and control every aspect of your digital life. Whatever you want to get done on your Mac – with LaunchBar it’s only a few keystrokes away.

Pianopub is a free Pandora internet radio player for OS X. It is a port of Pianobar, so please support the original developers. It is for use with your account from the Pandora.com internet radio service.


Just to be clear, on your Mountain Lion Mac, do you see different things when you left-press vs

Had suspected my external monitor at the office, laptop does not do this at home, ran for three straight days, no issues. No monitor connected today as a test.

This program is, in some ways, the embarrassing bastard child of the audio world. It's an underpowered, feature-crippled version of Logic, one of the best-regarded multitracking applications in the recording world.


The only indication that it's refurbished: a few paint scratches and chips on some of the aluminum braces. It's a non-issue for me since this isn't a piece of furniture, it's a tool. It's not going to be placed in living space, but it looks very good. More importantly, it's much more functional for my purposes than my existing full-height racks.

5 Ways to Enhance Functionality of the Mac Dock

If, however you have a non-email apple id, you can merge your email into your apple id on THAT account; you can not combine apple id's. I'm quite certain it has to do with the licensing of the music, and some loophole that would help pirates.


I'm seeing 467 MB/sec write, 515 MB/sec read. Not dramatically different than the Samsung 830, but a bit faster and I now have space to breathe.

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Why not install the new drive, install OS X from scratch on the new drive, then use Migration Assistant? Worked perfectly the last time I did it.


Mac os x mountain lion crack

Practically every editor, including text editors, lie about the contents of files. Even programming languages change or omit certain characters.

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Download Snow Leopard free for Mac

Years ago I had sworn off Seagate due to some issues we had at work with Barracuda drives. That was a long time ago, but I wish I had kept them off my list. Sadly, Microcenter no longer carries enterprise-grade drives at the local store.

I also use it for MSN via a Jabber transport, which basically lets me connect to MSN through a jabber server, integrating the two seamlessly. Since there are a lot of transport-enabled servers – for ICQ and AIM (which, by the way, are also supported natively in iChat), IRC, Gadu-Gadu, QQ and of course MSN – you can benefit from iChat's simple interface with whatever IM service you use.


Oddly enough, for the last 5+ years, I've been debating replacing this UPS (which is for my main desktop) and others. The CyberPower units are intriguing price and feature wise, but I'm fairly reluctant to buy them for a few reasons. One, the negative reviews on Amazon are for DOA units and failures after 3 weeks to 9 months. They're also all made in China, as many things are these days.

OS X Daily Show All Windows for an App in Mac OS X with Mission Controls Exposé Comments Feed

I installed Picasa and SketchUp from Google. I also installed FrontDesigner from Front Panel Express.


Pomodoro Desktop is a desktop application for Time Management on your Mac OSX. It is a simple but effective way to manage your (coding) time, and it's based on the Pomodoro technique you can find here.

I have always owned PC's, and buy at least 1 new desktop or laptop per year, having to upgrade by choice or need for 3 people. In the last couple of years I have become interested in Macs, because of the good things I have heard, but was put off by the price difference.


Your explanation makes a lot of sense to me. I'm not a terminal jockey. What's a good resource for beginner terminal users?

X Lossless Decoder(XLD) is a tool for Mac OS X that is able to decode/convert/play various 'lossless' audio files. Supported audio files can be split into tracks with a cue sheet when decoding. It works on Mac OS X 10/3 and later.


For all those low-light situations, Nocturne is a tool for inverting colors, changing screen tint etc. So I can make the screen dimmer while keeping it readable, when the dimmest backlight setting is too bright.

For many reasons, I needed to rebuild and install ports/oss today. I had forgotten that it's critical to build from a root shell to avoid using the binutils linker that's in /usr/local.


I finished enough of the assembly to power up the system. I don't have a keyboard, mouse or display connected yet, but it powers up OK and all of the fans and the Corsair H100 are functioning. I believe I can attempt to boot it.

Download WinOnX free for Mac

Automatic font activation, using FontExplorer X Pro, is quick and transparent. You don't even get to see the process window - at least not on my Mac Pro. FontAgent Pro just announced version 5, supposedly CS6- and Mountain Lion (read full article)-compatible.


Pull out your headphones, and iTunes pauses. Plug it back in, and it starts again. A simple application that makes your life that much easier.

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I don't know yet if it phones home to validate a specific Mac. And if you aren't adapting, you will miss out even more on the productivity gains we're already experiencing. Featured Lion Helper free downloads and reviews. Download ANY trial software title. AirPods 2 AirPods Pro AirPods Studio Apple Black Friday Apple Car Apple Deals Apple Glasses Apple Pay Apple Pro Display XDR Apple. Delete, Rearrange, Group or Ungroup any of your Launchpad Icons, or simply put them into alphabetical order! Select windows by moving the mouse over a dock item and more. ReMask is specifically engineered to supercharge the masking and extraction workflow for photographers and designers within Photoshop. Crack With Serial key Download – This is a fast, easy to use, and very effective way to create detailed masks and extractions. Many outdated, but unbreakable macs Posted on Aug 2, 2020 4: 11 PM Reply I have this question too ( 30 ) I have this question too Me too (30) Me too. Posted on Oct 11, 2020 8: 54 AM Reply I have this question too ( 10 ) I have this question too Me too (10) Me too. Clay Caviness who dug into the update and highlighted the the relevant files and commands that it used to accomplish this update. Free Download for Mac OS X Full Versio. Well, I've always used PCs, and I don't think there is any superiority of the Mac systems over PCs outside of nicer-looking design. Marwa ahmed linkedin profile.


Customize the Functionality of OS X

I still have not completely resolved my sleep/wake issues. They may never be resolved for this motherboard. Probably serves me right for choosing a Gigabyte board and GTX570 video card. On the upside, it's really not unreasonable for me to just shutdown and restart. That will be even more true when I install an SSD. Since I power down my monitors at night, I don't need to be concerned about the power consumption there. And of course I never put my old FreeBSD workstation to sleep because it didn't have sleep functionality (server type motherboard).

I want to move my HP 4050TN printer out of my office and into the spare bedroom. It takes up too much space in my office, and I don't use it very often. I'd also like to set up my Canon color inkjet in the spare bedroom. Since that printer is USB only, I'd like to use an Apple Airport Express to extend my wireless network instead of running more cabling.


Browsers are always subjective, but I like Opera because I rely on its single-key shortcuts, used its mouse gestures a lot before I moved over to a glass trackpad, I have dozens of tabs open at any time, it has session handling, bookmark syncing, and dozens of other neat, small things. And everything is built in and just works.

Noctua fans arrived, along with the Nanoxia PWMX. I won't be using the PWMX in ria, but I'm glad I have it. I found that the BIOS fan speed settings weren't appropriate for this machine, and changed them to run the fans at full speed all of the time.


I ordered slim cat6a shielded keystone jacks and a spool of cat6a shielded (FTP) cable from monoprice.com. While I wanted Belden cable, it's 3 times the price and likely overkill for my needs. For now I mostly need to just finish wiring the den, replace the cat5 going to the family room, wire the master bedroom and replace the cat5 going to Bedroom 2.

Edit: Cinch also allows making a window fill the left/right/upper/lower half of your screen (similar to Windows Snap). Very useful for copy-pasting and comparing.


A long time later and some fumbling around, I have a basic setup working. One monitor (I haven't loaded the real 570 drivers yet, nor CUDA drivers). Sleep works, which is very nice. My Apple Magick Trackpad works with the Rocketfish USB Bluetooth adapter, though it takes a little bit to come to life after sleep. Dual monitors are working fine, and my Cinebench score shows 43 frames/sec for OpenGL.

I'm going with tried-and-true Ultrastar drives. I've used them on and off since the days they were still made by IBM, then later made by Hitachi, then HGST and now Western Digital. Since the real power saving (and HelioSeal) starts with the 10TB model, I'm buying a pair of 10TB. This costs a little bit more money, but gets me about 2TB more space, and a 2/5 million hour MTBF. I might put these in their own pool as a mirrored vdev, to avoid adding another point of failure to the existing pool. If I do this, I'll likely migrate some of my backup datasets to the new mirror.


I ordered a Mellanox ConnectX-2 card from eBay to put in ria, after checking that ria contained a riser card for the 16X PCIe slot. I separately ordered a low-profile bracket for it since I couldn't find any single-port cards with a low-profile bracket. Once this is installed in ria and the US-16-XG arrives, my whole rack in the basement will be at 10 gigabits/second.

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A visit to the Genius Bar gave the answer, though this kind of question is not part of the service. Changing permissions was enough.


Hack os x mountain lion dmg

Does anyone know if there is a preferences option to turn this off? I have a friend who has hundreds of drafts and doesn't want them opening at launch.

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It also provides functionality for sharing your wallet with the iOS App (SafeWallet for iPhone). In this way your wallet is always with you and always synced.


Mac and i: HyperDock v1.0.3.45 brings Windows 7-Features

The "Authentication Required" error can be related to the print driver. Many vendors create their OS X drivers for direct communication from the Mac to the printer. As soon as you stick a Windows computer or 3rd party print server in between the Mac and the printer, then you can get this error.

I wish I had something else that needed a finish. I had to destroy the lid on the can of polyurethane to get it open because it was glued shut, but it's still at least 2/3 full.


JiTouch is similar to BetterTouchTool, but with many, many more options. The one thing it doesn't have is Windows 7 snapping, so keep BetterTouchTool around for that. I would highly recommend this application, though it's a paid application.

Looking for an easy way to share files via your Dock? It can’t be any easier than the drag-and-drop process of DockDrop. You can share files via FTP, WebDAV, SCP, and Flickr. Just set up which of those services you want to use, then drag and drop files directly into the app residing in your dock. DockDrop then initiates a URL of your file and places it on your clipboard so that you can easily share however and with whomever you wish.


I managed to get X11 and enlightenment working, though it wasn't trivial. I am using the nvidia driver since my video card is a GeForce 6200 card.

This a really nice utility, but how am I supposed to open a new tab in Safari now that the new key command for maximizing changed to Cmd-T? Any way to set this to a different key?


The matching algorithms seem horrible. I have contacts that are exactly the same as what is on Facebook and it doesn't link them correctly.

Download Java JDK free for Mac

In the past, I'd just clone the existing drive to the new drive, but doing that in Mountain Lion (http://zbsmarket.ru/free/?key=9721) would leave the new drive without a recovery partition. From what I'm reading, the only way to install the recovery partition is by installing the OS on a blank drive. So I'm thinking I need to do that first on the new drive, then clone the existing drive over that newly installed system.


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The Middle Atlantic QFP-2 arrived from eBay. I'm hoping this is sufficient to keep the US-16-XG and US-24 in the Middle Atlantic MDV-R12 cool, by drawing air over them through the keystones I left empty on the patch panels. It's sort of frightening how warm the US-24 is to the touch, given that it has no PoE, is only a 1 gigabit switch, and I only have 8 ports active at the moment (counting the SFP ports that have SM fiber modules in them). Obviously the MDV-R12 is intended as music studio rack furniture and is hence not vented, but the back is wide open and the switches have fans. Apparently they're just not all that effective, and Ubiquiti lets the US-24 get quite warm before it runs the fans at high speed. This is a good thing in terms of office noise, but I question it for equipment longevity. The Middle Atlantic QFP-2 is rated at 100 cfm (50 cfm per fan), and is fairly quiet (30dB or so). The fans are 119mm NMB AC fans, and I've had good experiences with them in my basement rack (many years of constant use). But in this application, it's possible that they won't draw much air from the front of the rack since there's plenty of room for air to be drawn in from the back of the rack. There's only one sure way to find out, so I'm installing it tonight.

I wound up writing zeros to the whole drive (5 hours), then recreating the Data partition and copying again. The Current_Pending_Sector count wehnt to 0, and Reallocated_Sector_Ct remains at 0. I will keep an eye on things. This drive is used, and has 20,000 hours on it (2/28 years). The first drive (Data Backups) also has 20,000 hours on it. In both cases, that's less hours than the drive that was replaced, and the replaced drives were not enterprise drives.


在 OS X Lion 上显示非活动程序的所有窗口 人肉联播

I went all the way down to 720p (the lowest I could take it) with scaling and it didn't really help. The weird thing is that when I play something in Steam the GPU is fine, but using Mission control with a lot of windows open, or opening a lot of windows really bogs it down (which it didn't do a week ago in Mavericks). My feeling is that it is a poorly written graphic driver and that my issues with imageJ are because it is using the driver in a way that is failing like it is in Finder/Mission Control, and in Steam it's getting to the hardware in its own way. I've sent feedback to Apple about it.

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An application launcher, like Quicksilver. Having tried both, I found Quick Search Box's UI to be cleaner and the overall application to be faster.


For a long time, CandyBar was the go-to software for customizing your Mac's icons, but it's no longer supported. That said, it's easy to change the icon for any app or folder you want manually.

I've decided I'm going to buy a new CyberPower OR1500PFCRT2U from Amazon. It's a 2U rackmount, line-interactive with pure sine output, for a reasonable price ($410). Importantly, it has an HID-compliant USB port that works with OS X.


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Do not approach a mountain lion, it may feel cornered if you approach it. User #331154 13866 posts. We have even fought hard to defend your privacy in legal cases; however, we've done it with almost no financial support - paying out of pocket to continue providing the service. Here are some apps that will help your journey. Mountain lions are a specially protected species in California. This is what I thought. HyperDock adds long awaited features to your Dock: Select individual application windows just by moving the mouse on a dock item, use mouse clicks to quickly open. Hyperdock v1 3 3 for mac os x spider man lost years carli banks bikini riot lewis chafer systematic theolofy dc comics the new 52 week 103 august 21 newtek lightwave 3d v11 6 0 2708 x64 painting in wall design pdf ice age extras collection 2020 2020 m720p bluray x264 bird visions of ecstasy 1989 Powermp3 1 17 Signed S60v5 webuser 04 april 2020 true pdf john olivers new york stand up show. The Mac dock is a useful tool in OS X that holds all your favorite apps and or folders, giving you quick access. With more than new features, here is a quick run through some of them. Windows Explorer, Linux and more. I have updated CS6 in the past from Mountain Lion (check) to the higher systems. The mountain lion is also known as a cougar, puma or catamount. A widely tested FTP (File Transfer Protocol) implementation for the best interoperability with support for FTP over secured SSL/TLS connections. The hard drive used in the video was a SSD but any standard hard drive will work.

It should not be used in new applications. Use convertRectToBacking: instead.


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Yep, this is exactly how I work. Grays Anatomy Premium Edition 1. Apparently something went awry with the update I had. While mountain lions usually hunt at night, they are also known to hunt at dawn or dusk. Hyperdock; Alt-Tab; Dozer; OneDrive; Alfred 4; Tiles; Spectacle; Agenda; Next meeting; Itsycal; I have two problems as of now which are not a deal-breaker, but pretty annoying. This site uses cookies to help personalise content, tailor your experience and to keep you logged in if you. Revert last Moom action (either snapped actions only or any Moom. If you can't access your registered email account any more, drop me a message including: your old mail address, the new one, your postal address and the paypal transaction or receipt id. Just got a whole lot of functionality Notification Centre was new in Mountain Lion, but the version we see now has been heavily revamped. Look folks, the difference is clear. What annoys me though is that, going by the current trend, once 10.12 is announced/released Apple will put El Capitan out to pasture and won't develop/fix it anymore beyond the occasional security patch. Select the folder whose icon you want to change and press Cmd+i to open that folders Info panel. It seems to work pretty well by default, but there are some annoyances that can be easily fixed. The process outlined in the above video is simple. Les derniers tweets de @41NBC. Search discussions or ask a question about OS X Mountain Lion.

These instructions must be carried out as an administrator. If you have only one user account, you are the administrator.


Welcome to the OS X Apps thread. Lonely Planet China 2020 Pdf Free Download 50 Successful Ivy League Application Essays Includes Advice from College Admissions Officers and the. Samsung 840 Pro Series 256 gigabyte SSD. Download Mac OS X Mountain Lion (http://zbsmarket.ru/free/?key=9058) DMG free standalone complete image for bit and bit. Tools NVIDIA Drivers Clover Builds Kexts Community. Best productivity enhancer for an OS I've seen in a long time. Mac OS X Mountain Lion DMG Overview. Dear Lifehacker, Now that Apple has finished OS X Mavericks, I've looked over the features and I'm not sure if I should upgrade. Meeting point definition in math. Explore the best System Utilities software for Mac. The app lets you change the preview size, the animation, the behavior – and even adds some cool extra features such as advanced previews for iTunes and iCal. With an easy to use interface, connect to servers, enterprise file sharing and cloud storage. As you first open it up, youll see a change at the very top as on iOS, Notification Centre is split into two: Notifications (self-explanatory) and Today, where all the new features are buried. Other life enhancing software I use includes: forScore with AirTurn page turner for leading all aspects of a service from my iPad including liturgy, sermon and the congregational singing; HymnQuest for developing my selection of appropriate music for the. When watching a movie every 7 seconds there is a very short freeze or shutter. The last 5 movies have had this problem&period.

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I discovered a new problem with sleep/wake. If I reboot after having sleep/wake cycles, the CMOS gets reset.

There's a software version as well as the hardware box that creates a cloud server. The software version allows me to set a folder or drive on my Mac and link to it so I can let others access. I know there are other ways to do this, but for me the $20 ($30 now, I think) was well spent as the software is simple and no glitches.


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NTFS-3G is a stable, read/write NTFS driver for Linux, Mac OS X, FreeBSD, NetBSD, OpenSolaris, QNX, Haiku, and other operating systems. It provides safe handling of the Windows XP, Windows Server 2003, Windows 2000, Windows Vista, Windows Server 2008 and Windows 7 NTFS file systems. A high-performance driver is available commercially for embedded devices.

Final Cut Express, a discontinued video-editing software made by Apple. Final Cut Express is one step above iMovie, with up to 99 video tracks, 99 audio tracks, and 12 compositing modes. My favorite features of FCE are Chroma Key, Color Correction, and Livetype, which comes with Final Cut Express.


Base is an awesome tool for managing SQLite databases. It has an intuitive interface and allows you to easily create or alter tables. I especially like that the transcript shows you exactly what queries Base is executing against your database.

If you have a backup that you created prior to using CleanMyMac, now is the time to use it. For Time Machine, boot OS X Recovery, and at the Mac OS X Utilities screen, choose Restore from Time Machine Backup. Choose a date preceding the installation of CleanMyMac.


Mountain Lion: Questions

I've concluded that I need a door on the front of my switch and patch panel enclosure, to help prevent dust. It will also give me a place to mount the wiring diagram. Other than a draw latch, I have what I need on hand, unless I want an acrylic front.

Works fine I believe, but it did mess up a VISE installer I ran. Probably a good idea to activate just for the apps that need it.


Easy-to-use RSS reader that syncs with Google Reader (but it doesn't have to). I think my favorite part is that the UI can be completely and logically navigated with the arrow keys even the action of opening a feed entry in your default browser.

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A Norco C-24U would serve my purposes. The drawback: the casters are a joke. Better would be a Startech 25U 36-inch knock-down rack, which is similar to my existing racks but shorter and with mesh rear door. Another option would be to make my own rack out of hardwood plywood with a butcher-block top. It would of course be heavy, but I already own very good casters for the job.


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TextWrangler is the (free) powerful general purpose text editor, and Unix and server administrator’s tool. It is a powerful and richly featured tool for composing, modifying, and transforming text stored in plain-text files.

It's been over a month since I put ria into use, and so far it's been dandy. The Supermicro X7SPA-H-O is just about ideal for running a small headless FreeBSD machine like ria. Low power consumption and heat generation, dual gigabit ethernet, 6 SATA 3/0G/s ports, enough oomph to handle most server tasks.


In the meantime, I cut the hole for the Noctua NF-R8 80mm fan to cool the hard drives. I installed that fan, plus the second Noctua NF-R8. I replaced the original case fan with the Noctua NF-B9. I installed the Supermicro MBD-X7SPA-H-O motherboard with the first Patroit PSD22G6672S 2G SO-DIMM, and installed the Lite-On iHAS324-98B SATA DVD writer. I also installed the Western Digital WD1500HLFS 150GB VelociRaptor 10,000 rpm SATA hard drive, and the Western Digital WD1001FALS 1TB Caviar 7,200 rpm SATA hard drive.

LiveCode - Remember when you could make / program your own stuff with HyperCard? Well, if Apple had continued to advance HyperCard, this is what it would be today.


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As it happens, this has been an issue from day dot with Safari, that whenever I open it, no matter that I have dragged it to maximise the screen in my last session, it always opens a little to the right. Any suggestions would be appreciated!

I installed everything I have, and started the FreeBSD 8/2-BETA installation on the WD VelociRaptor drive. I created a 4G swap partition, though it probably should've been bigger. I only created a 2G /var, since I don't generally need crash dumps.


I don't know if it's possible, but I'd like to be able to set a modifier key to enable it when clicking the green button instead of just all the time or a keyboard shortcut. For example option-click the green button to expand to fullscreen. Clicking it normally would maintain the default OS X behavior. This would make it act like how it used to be in the days of OS 9.

At its simplest, it's a video player that'll play nearly anything. File extensions supported include: mov, mkv, flv, wmv.


We installed Right Zoom on several iMacs running 10/7 with Acrobat Pro (CS4) installed. Acrobat slowed to less than a crawl. Upon deleting Right Zoom, problem vanished.

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DaisyDisk scans your disks and presents their content as interactive maps where you can easily spot unusually large files and remove them to get more free space. The map gives you an overview of your data, so you always know what your hard disks are filled with.


How to Customize the Look and Functionality of OS X

Switch from VoodooHDA to patched AppleHDA might be the only choice. The Layout is 28 as RehabMan said.

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Tonight I started building the rolling platform for this machine. It's almost exactly the same as the one I built for my first hackintosh build. The ony difference is that it's 1 inch shorter since my original one was longer than necessary in case I one day get an even bigger case. I can't imagine mom ever wanting or needing a bigger computer case than the Arc Midi (it's already bigger than needed), so it made sense to reduce the length of the platform. It's all glued up and rough-sanded, I'll finish sanding it and start putting the finish on it soon.

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Audio Hijack allows you to record any sound from your Mac or input device. You can also mute certain applications. This is my go-to-application for any audio recording.


I take back what I said yesterday about my hackintosh behaving well. RTC wakeups were still causing crashes while I was at work.

Over the years, Mac OS has never given up on the desktop market. Evolved from Mac OS 9 to X, it went through eleven significant upgrades - Cheetah, Puma, Jaguar, Panther, Tiger, Leopard, Snow Leopard, Lion (my explanation), Mountain Lion (http://zbsmarket.ru/free/?key=9890), Mavericks, and Yosemite, becoming more and more adaptive and user-friendly. The El Capitandu version in particular, fixed many bugs while a lot of new features have been added, and system security has been greatly enhanced as well. From these improvements, more and more developers find business opportunities and engage in designing apps for Mac. However, due to the distinctiveness of Mac OS X, its uninstallation can be quite distinctive to former Windows users, who might need a bit more operating system knowledge instead of simply dropping an app down the Trash.


The recovery issue here is not whether there are tools to solve the problem. The recovery issue here is whether the user takes responsibility for doing a complete back-up of their Mac. With a complete back-up, doing a restore isn't a problem.